Manually Submitting Your Website Static Page to Google

Submit Static Pages to Google

I have tried as much as I could to find some of my blogs pages on Google SERP but couldn't, I want to know how to submit such pages to Google.

If you have experienced this above too, don't panic, a solution is here for you.

Static pages are those pages on your blog that are being hid from search engine automatically by default due to one reason or the other which most of the time we don't care about. As the name implies, it is a stagnant page which is very important inorder to properly understand the aim of a website.

Such pages includes:

In the submission of our pages to Google, the most important thing to consider is the XML Sitemap files involved.

How to Use the Sitemap for Static Pages

For our blog posts, we create files atom.xml but when it comes to static pages, the XML file has already been created by google which can be accessed by adding sitemap-pages.xml at the end of your website address, thus:
For Default Blogspot Domain
For Custom Domain 

Note: Replace YourBlog with your specific domain name

Steps in Submitting your Static Page to Google From Console Otherwise known as Google Webmaster Tool

  1. Go to Google Console page
  2. Choose your Website from the list.
  3. Choose Crawl and move down to Sitemap thus: Crawl>Sitemap from the left side bar menu 
  4. Choose Add/Test Sitemap at the upper right corner of the page 
  5. Insert sitemap-pages.xml at the box provided 
  6. Click Submit

This same method is applicable to other search engines like Bing, Yandex etc. 

Having submitted your static pages to google, you will be able to see them in SERP. I hope this post was helpful? If you encounter any difficulty in Submitting your pages, tell us now and get it solved. Thank you.


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