How to Setup HTTPS of Your Custom Domain on Blogger Blog Simple Steps

https:// on blogger with your custom domain

Security is a very important thing to consider especially when dealing with the internet. It has always been an issue for blogger users since the invention of that platform. 
This has been a restriction to most of the blogger users that wants to open an e-commerce website. Google later considered their users and allowed a secured domain usage but strictly on blogspot domain only. Custom domains aren't allowed.

Those users that has custom domain has been searching on how to implement such https:// security on their blogs but all to no avail.

Good news!

We are here today to explain to you how you will be able to do that easily and faster without any fear. It is free too.

Implementing this security needs that you will be careful else you screw up your website and there will be no going back. I suggest that you should bookmark this page on your browser so that you won't make any mistake while implementing this.

Importance of using https:// on your blogger custom domain

I believe you know what https:// means but if you don't, it adds extra security to your website by encrypting the website's data. This is mostly done by your hosting company and they do charge for that service. Here is an example of a custom domain on blogger that is secured:

Since search engines trust websites with security more than those without security, it will help boost your SEO and increase your trust on Google.

I'm now providing you the opportunity to being a part of this security world inorder for you not to loose your sensitive data's. Just follow me step by step to be successful.

Steps to add https:// to your custom domain on blogger

Here are the process you need to follow to set that up on blogger blog. 

Caution: You have to complete these steps before stopping.

  • Go to Cloudflare and register an account with them. 
  • Choose a free plan
  • Add your website at the box that will be provided. Your website should be your custom domain.
  • Wait for your website to be analysed then proceed

  • You will be presented with new ns records to add to your domain settings.
  • Go to the hosting company you bought domain from and change the ns record before proceeding at cloudflare.
  • Congratulations! Now your domain is transferred to cloudflare, you can now check your https:// domain.
Note: for complete transfer, it takes 24 hours but there will be no interference with your blogs activities nor will your blog be unavailable.

On how to change your ns record at your hosting company, check next post.

That is how you can encrypt your blogger custom domain (https://) name free and easily. If there is any confusion somewhere, let us know so as to be cleared. If this helped you, please click on the share button below to share with others looking for same topic. Sharing is loving.


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