How I Reduced My Bounce Rate to 0% for all Bloggers

Gaining search engine's trust can be very challenging and one of the things that will help you gain their trust is reducing the bounce rate on your blog.

How to reduce blog bounce rate drastically

Bounce Rate can be explained as the percentage of the number of times your visitors click on your link and leave immediately without performing any other task. This is being affected by many factors which we are going to be discussing here today.

After going through this life experience of mine, you will be guaranteed on reducing your bounce rate and easily.

My current blog bounce rate image
My current bounce rate

This is very easy to understand especially if you learn how to keep your visitors for a long time on your blog.

Taking for instance someone searched for a specific Keyword such as "Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers" and the results came out, fortunately for you, your page is among the ones presented and the person decided to click on your link. Immediately the visitor clicks on that link, search engine will keep account of that click and how long the person stays on your blog just by simple mouse trigger.

What will annoy you about this whole scenerio

When the researcher visits your page and could not find the information he was looking for, he will hit the back button and click on another page if it could answer the query better.

At this specific point, the search engine may think that your post is not good enough for that Keyword and by so doing, next time a researcher search for that same keyword, you will notice that your page has dropped from it's initial position.

Here is another most annoying part!

Some of the time, you can rank well for a specific keyword but don't use to get clicks from it. Have you ever wondered what could be the cause?

Search Engines value clicks through ratio which tells them how important your content headline is.

Let's take for instance, I want to search for "Link your Google analytics to blogger" and these results came out "Link your Google analytics to your blog for only serious bloggers" and another page said "How to link your Google analytics to blog"

You will discover that the two pages are tempting you but I will decide to click on the one that has restrictions because I think there will be a hidden bonus which unseriousness Bloggers are not allowed to take part in.

But who is that unserious blogger? 

Since every blogger seem to be serious with his blog, the first blog with restrictions will be clicked more than the one without restriction. This is psychology applied while blogging.

How to Keep Visitors to Your Blog for a longer time

  • Write Catching Headlines: Always use captivating headlines that promises the visitor something which he will never want to miss.
  • Promise Your Visitors: on the First paragraph, you have to give the visitor a reason to read the post and promise him that he will never regret reading the post as he will find what he is looking for.
  • Write long Posts: Long blog posts can keep visitors for a longer time especially if the post is interesting. Since I discovered this secrete, I try as much as possible to keep my posts not Less than 1,000 words.
  • Using bucket Brigades: Bucket brigades are interesting line breakers that attracts the attention of a reader on your blog. Example is, Look, The most interesting, Here is the deal etc. Brian Dean is the master of bucket brigade and you can learn from him too.
  • Don't reveal every Information at once: Keeping your reader in suspense can make him read more trying to find the main Informations he is looking for. This method has proven very helpful since I started using it. This post you are reading is also structured on this too, so it's very important you start implementing this.
  • Interlink your contents: Interlinking your content don't only help in SEO, it also help you keep your visitors longer on your blog. A friend of mine told me one that that why he like my blog is that when he is reading a specific post, he will see a link to another post he care about too. Try this method and you will see the beauty of Interlinking a post.
  • Use header tags: Header tags gives an insight on what you are about to talk on, there by telling the reader to prepare for that. It is really helpful because a well drafted header tags can make your visitor still wanting to read.
  • Go for competitions: If you haven't known the Importance of going to competitions, you are still far behind. Going to competitions tells a lot about the your services and shows that what you offer is the best of it's kind.
  •  Offering Freebies to Readers: Everyone wants free things and whenever you give unique free things on your blog, it leads to massive attraction of visitors. For example, no website owner is willing to give you his blog theme if you be an exception, your readers will never forget you.
  • Allow Commenting: Commenting doesn't only give your visitors a means of expressing themselves on your blog, it also help other website owners the opportunity of earning a backlink from your blog and thereby encouraging your readers to write more. Someone will comment when he has grabbed the aim of the post and this will enable your visitor to read to the end of the post before committing.

Doing all these things above will help you keep your visitors well and longer on your blog, thereby reducing bounce rates drastically. If you have any other contributing to these things, please kindly let us know using the comment box below. If these things helped you, please let us know. Also, if you face any challenge, we will be glad to help you solve it if you use the comment box below. Thank you.


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