Check if Google's June 25th Algorithm Hit Your Blog and What to Do

The update of all these algorithm is annoying, infact I'm becoming tired of blogging. This is injustice.

Google algorithm and what to do when hit

Has the above been your worries? You are not alone on this. I suffer the same issue, infact every website owner both big and small pass through this.

Let me tell you the latest about the new Google algorithm update.

On 25th June, 2017 Google Officially released the new algorithm know as panda 4.2. This Update is what I termed the "popularity monster"

Below is an image of my friend's description of the new algorithm on Facebook.

Here is the truth!

Google's Algorithm will continue being updated

Ever since the invention of Google, there has been series of algorithm updates and uptil this moment, it is still going on and will never stop. This little note is to enable you prepare always for the Google's changes in algorithm.

Whenever you discover that your post's impression has reduced, and you are quite Sure that you were getting more visitors from Google, just know that there has been a change in algorithm.

Where to check this?

Changes on your website traffic can be checked using the Google webmaster tool or you can check your analytic report. When you have detected a hit by Google's algorithm the next step is to find a way to get back to track.

Why did Google moved to the old algorithm structure?

Oh no! Moving to the old algorithm structure isn't the right thing to do because being the giant doesn't guarantee you are being copied from.

Since this algorithm depends on traffic a website is getting, it will serve as a discouragement to many people trying to come up to the top and there won't be any reason for competitions.

This whole thing can result to getting poor Informations from the giant websites since they knew that everything depends on traffic. It will then reduce google's quality result ability.

How to lookout for update hit on Google Analytics

Navigate to Acquisition>> all traffic>> source/Medium

Increase the time frame from 7 days (default) to as far as possible, preferably 2015.

Under source/Medium, choose google/organic

Check the line chart on weekly or monthly manner. You will be able to determine the difference.

What to do when you discover you have been hit

Immediately you discover that you have been hit by the popularity algorithm, do these things.

  • Fortify your pages with backlinks
  • Update your pages with latest informations
  • Go for Google Advertisements
  • Wait for result to manifest.

If you get stock at one point, kindly use the comment box below. We hope we will be able help you get out of  your website hit by algorithm. We also welcome suggestions from you too. Thank you.


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