16 Exceptional SEO Tools of 2017 Only Highly Interested Candidates Should Read This

Best SEO Tools of 2017

I have developed the best website that offers great products and services but I'm being discouraged because my website can't be seen by the number of people needed. I don't know the solution to this either.

Have you experienced this problem above?

Well, I don't think that the best SEO expert today didn't start from somewhere, he also experienced challenges. The biggest challenge a website owner experiences is inability to be seen on search engines. This is where a need to learn Search Engine Optimization comes to play. The advantages of search engine optimization is numerous and ranges from keeping you in business by increasing sales to making your business reach the right customers.

Choosing the best SEO tools can be highly challenging. There are millions of SEO softwares discovered daily and this has led to a task which many termed difficult. According to Top ten reviews on the best SEO tools, experts chose the 4 most important tools needed for an optimum result. They include Keyword Research, domain Keyword positioning, backlink and keyword traffic tools.

In this article, we have thoroughly scrutinized the tools and grouped each in a well organised manner depending on the work needed from it. We spent weeks trying to bring the best for you and we came up with the tools below. There are two softwares on each of the groups, this is to provide a powerful alternative to the first tool.


Link building tool

1. Check my links: one of the 10 tools listed for backlinking by Neil Patel is check my links. It is a chrome extension and this gave it more advantage over other tools. It's also easy to use.

This tool is used in the discovering of broken links on any website. Broken link form of gaining backlinks is one of the easiest way of earning backlinks to a website. When a broken link is discovered, next is to reach out to the website suggesting that your website should be used in replacing the broken url.

To discover this using check my links, you need to enable the extension and whenever you visit any website, you will click on the check backlinks button. Most links will show a green colour but the broken and external ones will show a red colour.

To use check my links tool, download the chrome extension from the extension page on google.

2. SEO PowerSuite: According to top ten reviews, SEO PowerSuite is a multi tasking tool used mostly for earning backlinks. It is the compilation of link assistance best SEO products which includes; Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO spyglass and Link Assistant.

This SEO PowerSuite digs search engine's backlinks inorder to discover reliable and relevant links for your website. The Link building tool provides an unlimited backlink sources so as not to hinder ones search. An interesting feature of this tool is that, it provides high autority websites that are relevant to you.

This SEO tool provides the best assistance an owner of a small or medium business can use in improving the performance of his business online. It also has a nice support service which always helps too. 

To use the SEO PowerSuite go to the official website which the link is give above and you will thank me later.


1. Google Webmaster Tools: The most widely and Important SEO tool used by almost every website owner is the Google webmaster tool. It is being rated number one by blog.hubspot on it's top 10 reviews on SEO analysing tools.

It is the most easiest analysing tool and sometimes referred to it as the analysing tool for amatures because of it's simplicity. It's importance can never be over over emphasized because it has helped both small and large business owners whom are know today online develop their services.

Sometimes, the webmaster tool is referred to as a multipurpose seo software due to it's multi features needed in analysing one's website. With this tool, you are sure of keeping the accurate analysis on these; Keywords being clicked on search engine, position of your web page for a specific keyword, general nature of your website etc.

To use Google webmaster tool and register by providing your website links. After a successful registration, you will be sent a message in your email.

2. Advanced Web Ranking: This tool brings all SEO applications needed for a successful analysation of a website in one place and offers advance form of analytic to it's users.

The main Important feature of the advanced web Ranking tool according to top 10 reviews on seo analysing  is it's ability to present a precise report which is being drawn from Google's database and also provides Informations from all parts of your SEO.

Advance web ranking has the ability to analyse keywords and provide potential keywords capable of boosting your SEO performance. There are more hidden features that every website owner should make use of.

To use Advanced web ranking tool, you have to visit their official website above.


1. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress: The is not only the best SEO Plugin WordPress website owners should have but also helps in controlling budget as most of the time, it's free features are enough for operating a website at it's optimum. It's has many features which makes SEO easy and affordable for it's users.

Yoast's ability to give a preview of a web page on search engine result pages inorder to allow for an editing of the meta description and the tittle is a big plus which many SEO tools lack especially those that requires high budget.

According to sussexseo on free SEO tools agencies on budget, the most recognized and number one SEO tool on budget is the Yoast SEO. This will show you how important it is when it comes to budget reduction.

To use the Yoast plugin go to the official website of the Yoast tool above.

2. SheerSeo: This is the second most important budget reducing SEO tool which many do not know about. It has features that are highly beneficial to a small scale business owner with lots of features. Even though the Yoast is the best, this tool has features which are not present in Yoast plugin.

SheerSeo has a well social media reporting feature and many other features such as link building and keyword optimization. Despite it's numerous SEO features and thorough reports, it lacks other key factors such as; competitors analysis and does not provide unlimited Keywords.

This is the best alternative to Yoast and has proven satisfactory despite it's incomplete features. SheerSeo is good for you when you don't need all those features it's lacking and also has a small budget too.


1. SEO Effect: If to you have a small organisation or business but doesn't have SEO team, this tool SEO Effect is recommended for you. It is the ABC to beginners in SEO and can help a website to move from zero to hero while hoping for the best in SEO.

The company claims one doesn't need any knowledge of SEO to be able to use this software and also can help you run a successful SEO campaign easily. The guide on the use of SEO Effect comes in video tutorial with the tool and that has been a good plus in putting a new SEO personnel through.

According to Top ten reviews on small scale SEO tool, SEO Effect offers quite a number of tools such as link building tool, keyword research tool and backlink checker. It also has the ability to track website position too.

To use the SEO Effect software, you have to visit the official page above.

2. Rank Sense: This is the second most valuable SEO tool for small scale businesses according to business news daily. It is not a good tool for large business owners but perfect for small scale business owners due to it's features.

Rank Sense allows business owners do their monitoring automatic detection of issues etc. 

In order to discover if rank sense is right for your website, an initial scan is performed at the website before use.

To use Rank Sense, kindly visit the url to the website above.


SEO tool for enterprise

1. SEOLytics: if you own an Enterprise or larger business platform, SEOlytics is the best for you. It has most advanced features which are good in SEO. SEOlytics gives the ability to run unlimited invisibility keywords, domain ranking reports, customizable domain analysis, International tracking and daily ranking tracking for keywords etc.

In as much as it provides too many SEO tools, it does that at little cost there by encouraging small business owners. This is the best enterprise SEO tool because it's results are reliable and accurate. This tool is worth trying as an Enterprise organization and I bet you, you won't regret using it.

In order to use SEOlytics, click on the link above and enjoy.

2. SEOclarity: This is one of the early SEO tool for enterprise businesses but has also improved recently, thereby making one of the best when it comes to SEO for enterprise. It allows you to create a dashboard which your SEO team can use to monitor and perform SEO tasks.

This software has the ability to point the pages on your website that needs inbound links and also alert the user on broken links. It's better to talk less on the features of this tool until you experience the beauty of SEO. All I can say is that, it's worth paying for.

To use SEOclarity, click on the link of the website and you will never regret it.


1. SEOQuake: Most valuable SEO social media toolbar plugin in Chrome browser. It has unique features and has been listed as the first on koozai as a very important Social Media Seo tool.

SEOQuake is very useful when you are doing a page over view because it shows the nature of On-page elements such as; meta description, img alt tags, heading structure keyword etc.

Another attracting feature of SEOQuake is that, it's a free tool and gives accurate results. This is a perfect SEO weapon and I recommend you should install the plugin.

To use the SEOQuake extension, click on the link to visit the official website of Google extensions.

Social Media Seo Tools

2. Schematic Inspector: In building the website structure, it's always advisable to make it simple and beautiful using the schema structured data. Schema is a very important social SEO building tool and it's being recognised by google.

Inorder to check the schematic structure of your website, you need to download the chrome extension Chrome schematic Inspector from the official Google extensions Website.


1. Moz: This is a highly advanced Keyword Research tool which has the ability to detect the keyword strength, difficulty and opportunity of being successful while using the Keywords. It's main hindrance to the poor among the website owners is that it requires a payed version to be able to search for unlimited Keywords.

Moz has many other features which made it one of the most recognized companies in SEO. The keyword suggestion ability is unique and can suggest thousands of keywords on a single click. It's also easy to use.

To use Moz, you need to visit their official website.

2. Majestic SEO: Using majestic SEO is the best thing that can happen to any website owner. It offers most of the features being offered by other seo websites on premium versions of their packages free and I have personally used it.

Majestic Keyword generator can provide huge combinations of keywords which can yield a lot of fruit when used on a post.

To use majestic, visit Magestic website and register.


1. SEMrush: According to review by shout me loud on Keyword ranking checker, SEMrush is the most useful tool and it's also a well recognised tool which doesn't disappoint.

It's just to enter your website address or the page address and the keyword you are currently ranking for will be shown to you. To further access your keyword,, you can click on any of the shown keywords and the competition will be shown.

SEMrush is a paid tool but can be accessed for a couple of weeks.

To use visit SEMrush official website and register with them.

2. Ahrefs: This is the best substitute to SEMrush and has its unique feature which differenciate it from all other position checkers.

Ahrefs detects the keywords ranking on any of your page without having you adding the keywords manually. It has many other advanced features which is preserved for paying users, although there is room for trial period.

Ahrefs is very easy to use and it also present it's result in clear manner to enable its user comprehend the outcome of his analysis easily.

Inorder to use Ahrefs, go to ahrefs website and get started.

If you use any other SEO tool, kindly let us know at the comment box below so that we will analyse and include it when an update will be available.


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