20 exceptional Google Chrome Extensions for Hard Core Bloggers Only

Exceptional Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

The world of blogging can be referred to another planet since it requires full dedication and time. Since no man is an island of knowledge, bloggers read often from other's posts and tend to make use of the internet more.

In the quest for such knowledge, there are special Google chrome extensions that has been developed to help improve their knowledge and control their activities online. Such extensions are capable of making your work easier by finding repetitive, tedious works or Complete those works for you.

In this post, I will be listing the 20 most helpful Chrome Extensions for Bloggers that I'm using and highly recommend for you. With these helper tools, you will kick ass. Most of these tools are recommended by blogger tips tricks on best Chrome extension for bloggers and also template monster on top 10 google extensions for bloggers.

20. Search Google With Image

Since the beauty of a blog post is it's images and images also helps in search engine optimization, this Google image extension is highly recommend for you. It will help you to discover a whole lots of similar images faster and easier without having to add keywords. 

To Download this extension go to the link.

19. Email Hunter

Keeping a good relationship is the best thing a good blooger can do online. Inorder to do this, it is a very tedious and sometimes impossible task since the real email of any website owner is difficult to discover. 

The email Hunter extension has been designed to carry out this task easier and faster. It performs this task more than half the speed it can take to do that manually and has a proven accuracy.

To Download email hunter click the link.

18. Google URL Shortner

One of my secret to constant page visit is that I use the URL Shortner. This most of the time gives you an advantage either in remembering your url or in driving massive traffic to your website.

Google, a well known search engine has provided us with the best extension so as to enable bloggers to carryout their task easily and faster.

Tell me, would you prefer your url to look like this 




I Know you will absolutely like the first one. This is what it's like having a Google URL Shortner extension installed on your chrome browser

17. Awesome Screenshot

This is the best screen shot extension when it comes to taking page image. It's easy to use and offers lots of options to choose from such as capturing the whole page, a selected area, visible area, or the whole screen.

Awesome Screenshot makes it easier for you to create professional screenshots and also saves time too.

To Download Awesome Screenshot click the link.

16. Google Drive

Have you ever wanted to share a file from your company on your blog? 

Instead of registering at many other file sharing websites, it's easier and faster to share using the Google drive. All you have to do is to upload all your files to the drive and easily upload anyone you want and whenever you want it.

Google drive has a huge amount of space which makes it the best among any other. 

To Download Google drive extension click the link.

15. Stay Focused

Distractions are inevitable while you are online. Sometimes it is from the social media websites such as facebook, Twitter, etc.

The fact remains that you need to spend more time on your website more than any other place online if you are really serious on what you are doing.

Stay focused has been designed to serve as a time keeper to enable you focus on your blog. To use it, you need to add the websites names where you waste huge amount of your time such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is the most cherished of all the extensions I make use of.

To Download stay focused click the link.

14. Spell Checker and Grammar Checker by Grammarly

Most times, being in a haste to publish a post can cause a very fatal problem to post. It is adviced to check spellings and punctuations before publishing a post. By so doing, you reduce the chances of having grammatical errors.

I'm among the people that don't think of correcting a grammatical errors before publishing a post but after I tried, I discovered that there might be some places where one doesn't punctuate or have grammatical errors which can change the meaning of a sentence.

13. Evernote Web Clipper

This extension can clip all videos, images, post, page or file online. It allows you to save article, infographics, screenshots and Images on Evernote notebook.

To Download the Evernote Web Clipper click the link.

12. Link Miner

Finding a broken link on a website is quite a difficult task to do but with link Miner extension, you can boost of a speedy dig and discovery.

To use the link Miner, you just have to click on the extension icon and the link analysis of that specific webpage will start. Broken links will be marked in red while good links will be marked in green.

If there is an extension you should first get, it is the link miner because as a blogger, you have to constantly check the health status of you blog.

To Download Link Miner extension, click the link.

11. MozBar

Moz is a recognized company when it comes to SEO because it assists with useful SEO tools. This extension MozBar was created by Moz inorder to make website monitoring easier.

MozBar displays Important SEO Informations such as domain and page authorities. It doesn't come with full SEO tools but can help in carrying out an easy diagnostic test on a webpage.

To Download MozBar click the link.

10. Google Publisher Toolbar

This is a Google extension for monitoring of ads if you are using Adsense to monetize your blog. It's an awesome toolbar and I know you will like it.

It helps in finding basic informations about your ads such as ad size, advertiser's name, and display URL. It also gives the opportunity of blocking any ad you don't want directly from your website.

To Download Google publisher toolbar click the link.

9. Save to Pocket

This is another well known toolbar that does one thing right. It saves a webpage for later reading.

Save to Pocket does this offline and the most important beauty of this is that it has the ability to sync with all your devices.

Whenever you run into a voluminous webpage and you think you can't read it at the moment, just invite save to Pocket and you are good to go.

To Download save to pocket click the link.

8. Buffer

This is a well known name and am sure you must have come across buffer while researching online.

Buffer is a Social media management tool which helps you share your post across all the social media platforms you operate such as Pinterest, facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

It allows you to schedule the time for a post share easily so that you won't stress yourself on sharing your posts one after the other on social media's.

To Download Buffer extension click the link.

7. Rss Aggregator

This tool will help you to peep and grab what your competitors are cooking. It will send all your competitors posts to you as an RSS feed thereby allowing you to monitor your competitor well.

RSS aggregator does this in such a way that when you find a post you will like to publish on your blog, you will pin it for easy remembrance.

To Download Rss Aggregator click the link.

6. Crystal for Gmail

This is a perfect email construction extension which helps you send specific length to email to different personalitiese.

It allows individuals to choose the they start their email based on the personality they are writing to. For example, have you wondered if you should start with"hello" or "hey" while writing an email to someone.

It does all this and it works like magic.

5. LastPass

Have you ever wondered why using same password for all your accounts online is not advisable?

This is because when someone get hold of your password, all your accounts will be accessed easily. LastPass will help you address this easily without any stress.

LastPass saves all your password to all your accounts securely and helps you in filling all your details automatically whenever you visit any of the site.

To Download LastPass Extension click the link.

4. Google Keep

I have lost most of the Interesting topics which I wanted to discuss all because I thought I will remember them the next day. Since I discovered Google keep, it has helped me remember my topics and organized them properly.

This is a must have extension which I saved for the last. It's the ultimate helper on my blogging career.

To Download Google Keep extension click the link.

Well, I saved the best for the last. You should download this extensions just immediately you are seeing this post, I bet you will never regret seeing this.

3. Break Helper

In as much as you don't need any distraction while working on your blog, you also should keep track of time so as not to do the right thing at the wrong time.

Break Helper is just a planner which don't only plan about the wellbeing of your blog but also care about your health. It is something like a reminder that updates you on your activities online.

I bet you, this is a must have tool. I know you will like it. Since it has helped me a lot in my blogging career I believe you will not be an exception.

To Download break helper click on the link.

2. Word Count Tool

Have you ever wanted to write a specific number of words on a post? How about writing 10 thousand words, can you be able to count it one after the other? I guess you will take you up to 2 weeks to finish.

Word count is not only useful to bloggers, it's also very useful to freelancers. It has been a perfect helper ever since I came across it and I haven't been able to leave this tool because of it's usefulness.

To Download word count tool extension click on the link.

You finally made it to the most adorable tool every expert blogger wants. How come you don't know about it till now?

1.  GMass

Reaching out to other bloggers can be so difficult and this extension emerged. GMass has helped in sending tens of thousands of email to people at once.

All you have to do is to put all the emails in a Google sheet, then connect with Gmail and oops you are good to go in one click. 

The greatest news about this extension is that all it's features is free. You don't need to pay to do your business anymore.
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I hope these extensions helped you save time and make your life easier? If you have any other extension that is your favorite and I didn't mention it here, kindly notify me using the comment box below the post and I assure you of a speedy review and if found worthy, I will update the list immediately. Thank you.


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