12 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs of 2017 That Will Not Stress You

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Good news is that bloggers can make huge cash from this easily because they can use their blog as an advertisement platform.

12 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs of 2017

It pays more than advertisments and doesn't require any investment from you. All you need to do is, find the programs that allow affiliate marketing, register with them and start earning.

This is so easy isn't it? But here is the problem!

Finding a good affiliate program is very difficult. There are millions of programs that claim to be paying but most of them are scam. why it's difficult to find an affiliate program is because you have to consider quality and your audience needs too.

This is where this post is very useful since all the best among the millions is being listed here.

These list of programs I compiled is based on people's review and not my personal experience.


The last on this list will surprise you and you won't regret reading this post. Below are the lists in ascending order.

This is a training platform that aim at preparing one for online entreprenurship. Giving you the digital skill set and leadership mindset you need to succeed online.

The courses six figure mentors offer is to help build one on how to do his online businesses Successfully.

Why do you have to go for this?

  • You can get upto $8,000 commission per sale.
  • Attracts lifetime customers.
  • A digital coach will be assigned to you.

Why is this not the first on this list?

This is a highly attractive pay if I'm allowed to say but the main issue with this is that the Promotion Difficulty is Hard. This is b

  • SEMrush: The fact that you have a blog makes automatically obviously you know what SEMrush is all about. SEMrush is an all in one Marketing tools used by professionals.

It offers tools to promote your SEO, paid traffic, Content Marketing, PR and Social Media Marketing.

Why do you need to go with SEMrush?

  • 40% recurring commission whenever your referral renew his subscription.
  • High quality product to help increase traffic of your readers.
  • 10 years cookie duration
  • Earn up to $160 per sale.

Disadvantage of going with SEMrush?

  • Promoting Difficulty is Hard because it's a well known company and there will be much competition.

  • Get Response: This is one of the best marketing platform that offers tools needed for general marketing online such as; Tools for marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Webinar Hosting and Landing Page creation among others.

Get Response offers 33% of recurring commission. This meant that you get paid huge amount of dollars when someone renew his subscription.

Why should you go with the Get Response?

  • It's Product is of a high quality and it's being trusted by bloggers too.
  • $264 per sale.
  • 33% recurring commission.
  • Promotion Difficulty is Medium.
  • Cookie duration is 120 days.

  • eBay Partner Network: You might be wondering why eBay made this list? You can make a lot of commission with this network. How it works? You can be paid high commission by selling some of a recognized product. For instance, you can be paid high commission for selling a costly car from car production company.

The commission one earns depends on his location, taking UK for instance, you will be paid 75% commission when cars are sold in UK while 50% when same car is sold in United States of America. Now, how about selling upto 2 cars in a month? That will be a huge sum of money coming your way.

Why should you be a part of eBay Partner Network?

  • Ability to earn double commission in your first three months.
  • Ability to track your sales and payments.
  • Promoting any type of item you want.
  • Commission depends on your sale and trust me, you can make it real big depending on the product you are marketing.
  • Promoting Difficulty is Medium

  • Site Ground: This is a well recognized website hosting company. It is highly trusted by most bloggers and has high quality security and high speed performance servers.

They offer a free trial account that you will use to test their services for 7 days before purchasing. If you can be able to make upto 21 sales a day as an affiliate, you are sure of $125 per sale.

Why you should go with Site Ground's Affiliate?

  • High Paying potential of upto $125 per sale
  • It's a well known and trusted company
  • Offers a 7 days trial period for testing of their services.
  • Promoting Difficulty is Medium
  • Cookie duration is unknown

  • Dream Host: This affiliate program is more superior to all those mentioned earlier. Dream Host is a well known hosting company too that extend their generousity to their affiliate marketers too. They offer all types of web hosting service such as dedicated and WordPress hosting. They are trusted by bloggers.

If you want too offer your visitors a good web hosting service then, Dream host is the answer.

Why do you need to go with the Dream Host?

  • High Paying potential of upto $120 per sale.
  • More recognized than Site Ground.
  • Promotional Difficult is Medium
  • Cookie duration is unknown.

  • Shopify: This is a well recognized e-commerce business platform that you can promote to people that wants to start their own online store. They provide website builder, shopping cart, store management, web hosting, Analytics, SEO etc.

Why should you go with Shopify?

  • Pre sale commission of 200%.
  • Ability to earn up to $2400 per person referred.
  • Industry leading conversation rate.
  • Enough marketing materials available.
  • Promotional Difficulty is Medium.

  • Thrive Themes: This is a recognized brand on the supply of quality professional themes used by WordPress bloggers. They created WordPress quality plugins and their products are known for high conversion rate.

It offers 50% commission for every sale and 25% commission when your referral renew their subscription.

Why you need to work with Thrive themes fast?

  • 50% sales commission and 25% recurring commission.
  • Well recognized brand when it comes to WordPress themes.
  • Promotional Difficulty is Medium.
  • Earning potential of $75 pe sale.
  • Cookie duration is unknown.

  • Elegant Themes: I believe you must have come across this home brand when you are looking for a beautiful and highly optimized them for your blog. I have also used themes from this brand name in the past and I will tell you to go for it if you need a simply superb theme. They have theme for both WordPress and Blogspot blogs.

It is easy to promote and adds a good value to your readers and this has been part of the numerous advantages of promoting Elegant Themes. It's most popular to theme "Divi" is highly beautified and that will make it easier to sell.

Why you should not waste time going with Elegant Themes?

  • Well known theme developer
  • Protects one's credibility
  • Offers 50% recurring commission for renewal.
  • Earning potential of $125 per sale
  • Promotional Difficulty is Medium
  • Cookie duration is unknown.

  • MyThemeShop: When it comes to professional theme makers, mythemeshop doesn't disappoint. It is a leading blog theme makers that keeps the wellbeing of their customers first. 

MyThemeShop offers 70% commission on all sales and subscriptions meaning that for every referral, you make a whooping sum of $244. They offer a free plan too.

Why you should go with MyThemeShop?

  • It's a well known them creator company
  • Handsome commission of $244 per referral or subscriber
  • Cookie duration of 60 days
  • Over 80 other high quality products to advertise.
  • Promotion Difficulty is Medium.

  • StudioPress: this is developed by copyblogger and it is one of the best WordPress themes available and affordable. It offers themes optimized for speed and SEO friendly. One of a recognized blog that is using studiopress theme is Neil Patel.

Why you should go with the StudioPress?

  • Offers 35% commission for every framework theme sold.
  • $75 commission for every StudioPress website you refer and $150 commission when you bring more than 11 website a month.
  • Promotion will increase your credibility and not decrease it
  • It is a well known brand on theme development.
  • 60 days cookie window
  • Promotional Difficulty is Medium.

The Last?

Wow! You made it to the last and most adorable affiliate program you have never thought of, just keep reading.

  • Grammarly: Having examined all these affiliate program properly, the best among them is the Grammarly. This is a Grammer correction tool online that has the capability of detecting simple grammatical errors.

Grammarly has both paid and free version. While the free version prevents some features, the paid version comes with all the features.

This affiliate program pays you even for the free users you send to them and you will receive $20 commission when users upgrade, also you will be paid $0.20 commission when your referrals signup.

It is extremely easy to promote since everyone can make use of it to improve his writing. It adds a lot of values to your readers there by improving your integrity online.

Why you shouldn't waste any time in working with Grammarly Affiliate?

  • It's a well known brand
  • Extremely easy to promote because it can be promoted to almost all types of audience
  • 90 days cookie windows.
  • Continuous and generous cash bonuses based on your performance.
  • A top performing affiliate is allowed to offer discounts to audience
  • Earning potential is $20 per sale.
  • Promotional Difficulty is EASY.
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I believe you are able to establish yourself with these affiliate programs specially reviewed here. Kindly give us your feedback if you are able to establish that. If you have any other real paying affiliate programs, please share with us using the comment box below. We are glad you made it. Say no to stress, say no to poverty. Thank you for reading.



I stumbled upon your great, enlightening information. I wanted to thank you and all of the others who contributed here.
My quest is to find out the highest and quickest paying affiliate programs. I’ve been told that some pay the very same day through PayPal, etc. Do you know any of these types of companies that you could share with me? In past i am using seogroupbuy.org and they have good system and some good offers.

Thanks for your great service,

Hello David,

Thank you for taking out time to read this article. Actually I don't know of an immediate payment affiliate. You have to be careful not to come in contact with fake affiliate websites. That was my main reason of writing this article. You can trust the last affiliate website enclosed with share button above. It passed all the criterion needed.


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