How To Get Immediate Website Ranking From Google Using Source Code Viewer

Website Ranking
Website Ranking From Google Using Source Code Viewer

The most important tool for ranking which no one has thought of is the website source code viewer. This is a tool which can take one unexpectedly into number one spot for a specific keyword searched on google. In viewing a website's source code, there are many things to keep in mind which will serve as the targets. Those things will be discussed in details in this article.


I didn't just woke up and devised this technique. It has been what I have been using for over five years, but the only difference is that I was not using it for search engine optimization all the while.

I discovered the usefulness of website source code when I was managing my wapsite back then in 2010 at wapka. Those periods, I can completely redesign someone's website just by viewing his source code.

Sometimes, it brings alot of problems because then, no one wanted to see his website's design elsewhere. This I did and always come out successfully, but today it's importance has grown wide.

Simple Processes To Follow And Index Your Website Using Website Source Code.

1. Find A Good Source Code Viewer

Most times, browsers have this feature embeded on them and to find the source code of any given website, all that is required is to

  • Go to the website
  • Right click at any position on the website
  • Scroll down to view source and click on it

Doing this, the full source code of the page will be displayed immediately. From this, one can get any information he needs by just scrolling to the position on the code that has the phrase he wanted.

Submit Express
Submit Express Source Code Viewer

However, some websites usually disable this right click feature by adding a line of JavaScript to the website code. This doesn't prevent one from completing his task because that feature is also made available online. One can easily visit submit express snooper for the source code of any site.

2. Find Best Websites Of Same Niche

Since you already know what you want to blog about, this will not be anyway difficult. All you will have to do is to search for one of the keyword related to the niche you want to venture into using any search engine.

Now, from the results that will be displayed, you will discover that the best websites were the ones that came first. Copy the name of the domain on the first spot and past it on the submit express source code viewer, solve the captcha and click on the view source code. The full source of the website will be displayed. 

For Example

Search Result
Search Result Of A Keyword

Let's say you want to go into Internet Niche and specifically about SEO, then you will need to search for "SEO Technique" which is a keyword in SEO. This will bring out websites that talks about SEO and from there, you can choose the best which you will copy.

It's now time to do the main job, just follow the third step below

3. Find The Website's Meta Description

Meta Description is the identity of a website. As the name implies, it's it what tells the search engine bots what the website is all about. This is a very important tool in SEO.

Copy the meta description as it is and paste on your own website html code, but this time don't save it.

Edit the description completely to show your website data leaving the importance parts which will help define your website.

Why do you have to copy this?

Since writing an SEO friendly meta description is hard, instead of writing what won't attract search crawlers, copy the one written by an expert of the same niche. This will not only help boost your ranking, it will also help you understand the importance of site description and how to use it.

Website Meta Data
Website Meta Data

4. Find And Add Meta Keywords

Just the way you did to the meta description, copy the keyword used to define the website's content and paste at the space for your Keyword in the html editor. 

This time, there will be no editing or instead of you removing a keyword from it, add to yours. This will ensure you don't miss any bonus going to that keyword in search engine results.

Here is an example!

If the keyword you copied look like this 


Don't use!

"SEO, www, vvv, hggd, Tek, tevh"

Although it's effect has not been verified but it's better you avoid it. If you look at the example closely, you will discover that the difference is the space.

5. Edit The H1 Tittle

Header1 Format
H1 Format

The importance of H1 tag can never be over emphasized, it's another most important determinant of ranking. To edit this tag, just locate the H1 tag of that website you are copying and using your sense, know how the H1 tag was written and placed.

This time, don't copy the person's H1 tag but copy the style. Then add your own tag exactly at same place he added his.

The only fatal mistake you should avoid here is copying the website's content verbatim. This will tell google crawlers that you don't have any new thing to give and might result to complete removal of your website from the search engine. If avoided, your website ranking will be done in seconds.


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