Download Fresh List Of High Web 2.0 Websites To Submit To

Get  Fresh List Of High Web 2.0 Websites To Submit To. The list is arranged in descending order according to it's hirachy from PR9 to PR1. Web 2.0 sites are high authority websites that allow sharing of Informations online. This list was compiled by green hat world.

But why do I need to submit my website to them?

This was exactly one question I kept asking when I started learning about SEO not until I later saw its effect. After the submission of my website, my site rapidly moved from 23 million to 7 million in alexa ranking just within one week of launching. This might sound like a joke but it is only to those that haven't seen the effect of backlinks to a website.

Getting backlinks is no longer a new story and these are the most secure places to get quality backlinks. All you have to do right now is to suspend everything and make use of the list. To unzip the file, use


Web 2.0 Sites 
List Of Web 2.0 Sites Download

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