4 Secret Facebook Business Strategy Your competitor Has Upgraded To In 2017

Facebook Business Strategy
Facebook Business Strategy

I know you must have heard of many Business Strategies used on Facebook, but what you are now looking for is a unique one that converts with momentum and speed.

What if I tell you that no Marketing geek will disclose this to you?

Reading routine market strategies is an excellent idea, but have you asked yourself if those strategies has worked the way you wanted it to? This will draw you to seeking the great marketers secrets, this time their activities on Facebook.


The perfect thing here is that other marketers nolonger converts visitors to customers. This time there are no more visitors, all are customers. So how do I mean? Your competitors have diversified their plan and no longer comes back to the expired one you are still using.

The power of social media as a business platform is no longer a news. Every hour people are making millions on Facebook and the most funniest thing about it today is that, they no longer need to persuade you, they snatch your money away from you.

Below are the perfect business strategies you have been using on Facebook but didn't discover its strength.

1. Facebook Advertisements (Ads)

Understanding how Facebook ads work is the first step you will take in tapping into the new world of marketing. The way fiverr works is very nice but it's main problem is that it hides your gig from interested customers. This, marketers has discovered and sought for a better means to tackle it.

Permit me to say "Behind every successful marketer, there is always a Facebook ad". 

Remember that in setting facebook ads, you configure too many things which we believe you configured well. If there is any mistake in this, it will completely affect your result.

What has your competitors been doing with Facebook ads?

They have been tormenting people with that, giving them irresistible offers, firing them with tempting phrases. These are little of how they use their Facebook for their businesses.

Neil Patel explained more on the Facebook ads usage and it's importance. If he runs facebook ads, don't you think you are the only one left behind.

2. The Power of Profile Pictures

Facebook Profile Picture Settings
Facebook Profile Picture Settings

Sercan Cakir in his video tutorial about Facebook marketing explained the importance and how to set Facebook profile pictures and cover photo. As a marketer, Facebook profile picture is very important because, this is the picture your customers will be seeing that will convince them that they are really dealing with a human.

To do this right?

Always use your real picture as your Facebook profile image. Moreover, using that will not guarantee that your customers has known you well, that is why you have to avoid frequent changing of the image. This is a working method which I have experimented and also still using till today, you can access my Facebook profile to understand more.

Your cover photo is where your company's name and services you render can be seen. This will simply explain to your profile viewer that this man that has this profile picture is the owner or marketer of this services above. With that, one don't need to ask again before being convinced. This has been a very strong weapon other Facebook marketers are using too but most of the time seems unimportant to you while it meant alot.


3. Talking Out Of Business

Remember that business is business so by this, I meant that you don't need any side disturbances such as family life, relationship etc to cover your timeline on Facebook and by so doing, you restrict your timeline to only business related talks and informations. This doesn't only tell how serious you are about your business, it also motivates others into joining being part of it.

Doing this will not prevent you from chatting with friends on timeline but it will restrict the chat to be business wise and anything apart from that can be discussed outside Facebook.

The best and the last?

4. Poor Engagement

Yes! It is good to stay on your own no one is doubting that but doing business on Facebook warrant that one need to keep in touch with the prospective customers. If you understand well how Facebook works, you will know that if there is no communication between two friends they will seize to seeing each other's post and by this, relationship is lost.

What am I insinuating?

Commenting on someone's timeline is very important for Facebook marketing. This has to be positive because studies has shown that positive comments tend to bring people closer while harsh comments disperses People.

If you have done these few things above, just be rest assured of a rapid boom in your online business. You can also download Facebook email lists to use in sending bulk emails to multitude of people people too.