How Yandex Webmaster Increases Visits By 500% In Minutes

Yandex Webmaster
How Yandex Webmaster Increases Visits

With the high quest to gain huge number of visitors to one's site, there is still the part that is always being neglected and treated as irrelevant due to the fact that every attention has been directed to one search engine due to its popularity leaving the rest without taking advantage of them. Yandex Webmaster is being given less attention nowadays without realizing that Yandex is the number one search engine in Russia. This mistake has contributed lots of damages in our website's popularity and clicks.


Yandex is as popular as Google if am not exaggerating and there is need to tap from its world of search result pages since it serves billions of it's users the same way Google does.

So how special is Yandex?

Yandex search engine has a different algorithm which they use in Ranking of a website ahead of the other in search results. It's algorithm is not as strict as Google's and also favours rich content page too. Yandex Webmaster Tool just like Google's console is a platform that gives website owners the opportunity to present their websites inorder to be listed among other websites whenever a keyword is searched for.

You might be wondering how I came to know about the effect of this Yandex Webmaster's result right?

Unfortunately, due to the less surprise expected from this search engine, I wasn't able to get the image of clicks from this search engine earlier when it was serving only 2-3 clicks but now the need for that has arrived. Don't worry I still have the recent proves which showed how Yandex increased my website's visit upto 500%. This proves include the former day page views and today's page views and also the country that has the highest number of visits to my website too. With this analysis, you will discover the immediate effect of my page views directly from Yandex search and how you can do that too without wasting time so as to be ahead of your competitors and if you monetize your website, it will deliver quite an unexpected boost to pays.

Below is the daily page views for the previous and present day

Pageviews Comparison
Pageviews Accumulated By Yandex

Wait! here is the catch

The effect of this Yandex Webmaster services didn't only boost my page views, it earned quite a new number or backlinks too. From Analysis also, it was discovered that the search engine that serves contents to DuckDuckGo is not bing neither is it Google but Yandex and what did this suggest? It surely suggests that having your website indexed in Yandex search engine will not only send visitors to your website from Yandex but also from DuckDuckGo

To Start using this Yandex Webmaster Tool?

Just head over to Yandex Webmaster page and create account with the search engine. Then you will be given a console where you can add sitemaps, sites etc which are relevant in configuring your website. There are quite lots of other features which includes mobile Optimization tester, robot.txt testers and so on. It's features are not hard to configure and it doesn't take alot of time to start seeing your website in the Yandex search too.

Last bonus?

Russia Pageviews From Yandex
Russia Visits Stats From 2 - 918

I chose to show you the country that served more in clicks on my website as regards to the analysis above. From the result, you will discover that Russia has higher number of clicks and this happened just within hours after complete indexing of my web pages in Yandex search engine. The webmaster tool has served me right and this I achieved after setting up the console perfectly. 

Yandex Webmaster Tool is not the only tool you will submit your site to after Google console but Bing and many others are also out for your website's better presence in search. So ask yourself now if you are not the one holding your site's ranking after reading this post and didn't put it to work immediately, as it's normally said that procastination kills and delay is very dangerous.


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