How Image of Posts Affects Website Ranking In Search Engines

Image Posts Relevance In Ranking
Thumbnails Important In Google Ranking

It's hard for many people to comprehend how Post Image constitute to their website ranking in search result pages and this has resulted to their website's extinction in search results. Image posts has alot to contribute to rapid indexing and ranking of a website page and this is only applicable to unique post images.

The idea of using images on posts is the best thing that can happen to one's success online. Take a look at all the posts I have on this website you will discover they have high quality images. Understanding that Images speaks alot more than mere words, you will never skip that part while making a post. Being in a haste while making a post is not a welcomed idea and it spoil too many things which are supposed to be made right. Every post has the right to take upto 48 hours or more of one's time and that should be kept in consideration while thinking of making a post.

There are many things that are required to add to images to make them unique, they include; image alt, image title or image caption etc. It may interest you to know that Google's algorithm has a high interest on images and this was because of massive image search statistics captured early. If that is the case, do you still need any other prove to know that your post images is as important as the post texts on your ranking in search engines? Ofcourse No but the problem is in the use of the images on your post.


Have you been making these mistakes while adding images?

1. Adding Downloaded Images To Post

This is a serious mistake made mostly by newby website owners and they keep asking of the problem with their posts images all the time. Don't worry, I have been in your shoes before. No website was able to point this out until after my deep thoughts, I later discovered the main cause of my predicament. 

So what is that I have been doing?

I used to download specific images from Google related to the topic am writing on so as to add it to my post but never thought of editing and personalization. If you want to discover the implication of this, try doing same and you will find out that whenever your post is shared, the image will be replaced by another or most times left blank showing that the image has been used by another website. If you don't understand search engines well, you will continue making same mistakes over and over again. Images downloaded from search engines should be edited and beautified inorder to tell search engines you are the owner of the image. Having understood what to do to images and how to make them unique, here comes the second mistake you make.

Do you fail to consider the next as highly important?

2. Adding Image Captions And Alternative texts

Bots and crawlers don't understand Pictures and images by mere hovering over it. What they do inorder to understand images is that they look at the title of the image and the alternative text of that image and understand what the image is all about. Alternative text added to image don't just help search engines understand that image, it also help the post rank higher for a specific keyword in the alt text. 

How to add alt text to images?

In blogger for example after adding images to your post, you need to add a universal alternative text code at the end of the image code. This is the code you need to add

alt="your image text with your keyword added"

This should be added before the last closing slash /> in the html code of the image and should contain a short description of the specific image inorder to feature whenever the keyword is searched on Google. 

The mistake you should not do while adding this? 

Don't sniff keyword to non related image alt tags so as not to incurre the anger of bots and crawlers on your website.

Image titles are also important but not as important as the alternative tags.

I will never tell you not to add image titles and this is because it serves as a strong hold on which the alternative texts rests on. Take a look at my images, you will discover that I don't take the risk of not adding the captions because I usually ask myself this question, "what if Google wakeup one day and place the image description ahead of the alternative tags and what will be the faith of my posts?". The importance or thinking ahead of google's feature algorithm can never be over emphasized so instead of falling a victim someday, why not make hay while the sun shines.

The last?

3. Using High Image Size

Since Google loves websites that loads fast, it's also important to always reduce the size of images uploaded in a post. By so doing, the page will load fast and make it easy for searchers to get to their results without hitting the back botton. If that should be the case, why not reduce the image of post inorder to shoot yourself to the first page of Google.

Having corrected all these mistakes, your post ranking will be 100% at speed and very sure. Image Posts have been discovered relevant after following all the above, so start now in correcting your mistakes if you haven't done so. Remember your openion and corrections are always welcomed.


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