How Google Will Index Your Website Fast SEO Experts Will Never Tell You

Rapid Google Website Indexing
Rapid Google Indexing

What you are about seeing is the topmost secret SEO experts will never disclose to you about your site being ranked faster on Google. Even if you search the web from now till tomorrow, you will never find the content of this post on anyother website. Since you are privileged to see these ranking factors Google use today, too many things will change in your ranking.

Why am I showing you this Free?

I was once in your shoe, seeking radically how I will submit my url to Google and have it displayed in the search engines. Before I gained alot of knowledge about search engine optimization, I opened upto 3 different websites posting constantly and still don't see my website in search engine results. Thanks to blogger that made that possible, if not for it's free offer I would have quitted blogging long ago.

It's either your website or pages are not indexed or search engine index your website and pages late thereby frustrating you before doing the needful. This can result to website abandonment which I did severally still with no success. Finding a solution to this took me a whole month and as a result of that, blogging was paused. I sought for solutions everywhere, reading everything about SEO until I went back to my former websites and found the real problems which I was not seeing all these while solved by myself. These are what I will be disclosing below.

What are needed first?

To carryout these proccesses efficiently, you need not to jump any line of this post because it will result to fatal mistake you won't love to encounter. You need to believe you can do this and become an SEO expert which you always dream of. Since Google thinks as we do and creates their crawlers and bots to behave exactly like we do, we should know how they behave too. Having patience is always good but having over patience is too bad.

Being surprised at what you will see now is the main aim of making this article unique. Too many people say many things about Google's ranking factors, although they have helped, they are not the basis of this post.

Becoming the SEO Manager of your website requires you do these things

1. Obtain Custom Domain Name Immediately
Why I chose to discuss this first is because they say first thing comes first. I never knew the power of a domain name all the while I have been creating attractive websites and interesting contents until I tried creating a custom domain name with GoDaddy domain registrar first before creating my website. I later saw the power of having a custom domain because immediately I created my website, I started seeing it on Google SERP. How this happened made me wondered but I discovered it was as a result of the initial domain I prepared before creating the website. That is the first rule which is to create everything really fast and ahead.

A friend has always adviced me to create a custom domain when I was operating the former websites but instead, I gave him deaf ear because I didn't know the power of having a custom domain then. That's why they say it's only when something happens to someone that he will start looking for solution. Having my website indexed in minutes after creation is something that is rare and firstly contribute to my Google's first move towards page ranking. 

Didn't this sound as a magic to you? It should! But the best have not come

Google Webmaster Tool
Google Webmaster Tool

2. Creating The Google Console

Yes! You didn't value this but it's the bitter truth you have been avoiding in your blogging life. Google Console has too many secrets unfolded by the SEO experts of all time and one of this secret is, it's ability to hasten the search presence of a new website. This this one of the immediate work you will do after creating a website and understand what should be done here is crucial that is why I will make a dedicated post on that next time. 

Why search console is important is that it is where you will be carrying out your website visibility studies and issuing some commands to Google to index anything you want from your website. Most importantly, search console tells Google that your website has come alive and this usually ring a bell to the Google bots making them take immediate action that will be a benefit to you. If the Console is not important, Google wouldn't have been sending that first message they send immediately you create a website with blogger.

Console Website versions
All Website Version

3. Creating The Complete Versions Of Your Website

Versions of Websites here are the https, http, www, and non www of a website. If your website supports the secured version, make sure you add it along with others. These are too many things people think it's irrelevant but are the most relevant. When you create the Complete version of your website, Google is being directed and instructed perfectly on the identity of a website. This helps bots understand the how to index your website, preventing an error at the wrong run. What do you think will happen if one understand his task very well? He will carryout the task immediately and efficiently.

The interval it should take for one to create the whole versions of his website should not exceed 30 minutes. Do it immediately as procastination kills. Having all the versions of your website created once will not have the room to create panic to the Google bots and crawlers. Bots behaves like human in the sense that they will start wondering if they had make mistakes in the indexing of your website or not if another version is submitted at the long run. 

Another thing to know here is that whatever thing you apply to any of the versions, you should do same to the other so as not to contradict the whole thing. I discovered that Google bots and crawlers are too intelligent in the sense that they will never display same thing they display in the other even though they have the same settings and codes applied to them. This helps Google not to index same thing twice in Search engine result pages.

The steps has just begun

4. Use A Highly Responsive Theme Which is Optimized for Mobile view

Knowing that Google will never benefit from a website that is not well optimised and highly reponsive, it will tell you how important it is to make use of a perfect theme for your website. Responsive website helps Google deliver perfect content to it's users and also helps in easy crawling of a website. 

Since 70% of searchers do that with mobile phone, the need to be a compulsory feature of a website will not overlooked that's why it seems sometimes that Google is strictly in passing judgement on who to crawl and who not to. A mobile version of every website facilitates satisfactory delivery of content for Google and Google pays higher attention to that before infecting the website. OK! Think of it this way, if you don't need something, do you care to have it? Ofcourse the answer is NO so, don't blame Google for not having your website in its database. Since your website has these features in the satisfactory manner, what else do you expect if not an immediate indexing of your website and pages. Having done this important aspect, be rest assured that your website will be seen at the search engine seconds after creation.

Now, I reserved the best for the last so read on

Meta Tags
Use of Meta Tags 

5. Convince Google That You Have Unique Idea To Offer

How will you do that? I didn't intend to make this post long but I can't overlook important Informations like this. 

Convincing Google that you have unique content to offer is done with two things firstly, your meta Descriptions and Secondly your meta keywords. Google value these two things more than they value your website contents. This this so because, first impression always matters. Since this tells Google what you are about giving in, they will find it hard to say no and will take immediate action before you change mind. 

I used to write irrelevant meta Descriptions and keywords in my old Websites thinking that it doesn't matter, little did I know am the architect of my indexing problem I have. Since I learnt it's relevance, I can boost of getting my website on the search engine in seconds. Keywords add to description of your website indirectly that's why it's relevant too.

There are many other things I don't want to mention here which are relevant such as creating relevant and search engine friendly robot.txt files, submitting of sitemaps to Google webmaster and so on. Why I choose not to mention them is because they are secondary things one should do and has be treated by many search engine optimization experts who really cared for your site's presence in the search engine. To read more on the indexing and search engine optimization of websites refer to the original Google ranking guide. Other processes not mentioned here can be completed using the comment box below the post.


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How old is your custom Domain?

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