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Getting Traffic to your website through Google became more easy by following simple steps and instructions. After you have indexed your website in Google the next thing to expect is huge traffic from the search engine. Most times it's not coming and we keep wondering where we have gotten it wrong, but all those answers are left unanswered and keep hoping things favour's us someday.

Permit me to tell you sincerely that that traffic you are waiting for after indexing your website in Google will never just come if it didn't start coming that period it was indexed. There is no magic to it, what it will keep doing is escaping into extinction from Google search which you don't want to see. You didn't get it right? Yes! What I meant is that things never gets better when dealing with bots and crawlers if efforts were not put in place, rather it continues getting worst.

Have I told you before that I turned internet spider since Google thinks they will use bots and crawlers to intimidate me, only because I was seeking for this same solution. I can now read upto 10,000 words pages which I never did when I was feeling everything was normal after indexing my site in Google. 

So how did I discovered the solution? 

I continued my unending research putting all the things I learnt into work until gradually result started showing. Yes I suffered before getting it right that's why you will not suffer again like me. But is continuous search suffering? This where your view is needed because it later turned to hubby to me.

Not wasting your time, these are what to do to get it right

1. Search Extensively On How To Increase Your Website's Statistics

You will be thinking I will tell you to sleep that I have carried the cross for you just like Jesus did right? Yes! I have carried the cross for you on this topic but not generally. Seeing this topic will reduce your searching stress but will not encourage you not to conduct everyday search. 

Why is search important? 

You should know that new things comes out every minute and inorder not to be left behind, you have to find that information and utilize it. Increasing Google Traffic is enhanced by searching. Like they normally say, no knowledge is a waste so applying a new procedure to your website won't only change too many things, it will also makes you prepare for future outcomes. If you find any new thing from your search, don't be in a haste to apply it. Verify it well because most of the mistakes we make is not really that we don't try implementing new things but, we don't verify if it's original and helpful to you.

During your search, any website you come across that has useful Informations like Whitehatmove, subscribe to its content delivery. It won't kill you, all it will do is to give you immediate solutions to your problems delivered right into your email so that you won't miss any important update.

You just read the salt in this topic, so let's move to the food proper

2. Extensive Keyword Research

When I discovered the relevance of this, was after viewing a friend's news feed on Facebook where he showed a massive traffic driving keyword he is about dealing on. This resulted to a keyword competition research which one of the results kept me dumb founded. I was that surprised not because I don't know the relevance of researching for keyword before making a post but because I don't apportion much time to it. 

Keyword Researching
Thorough Keyword Researching

What can keyword research do for you?

  • It will give you more insight on the topic you want to treat or write on. 
  • A keyword well researched will start instantly delivering traffic to you website from Google search. 
  • A well researched keyword will help rank your website ahead of others in search engine because you will see the possibility of ranking high or low from the tools you will use.
  • Choosing the right keywords will help you understand the way searchers think and what they want.
During thorough keyword research, you should not use one tool for that. Google Keyword Planner, Moz keyword explorerAhrefs keyword researcher and many others will do that perfectly for you all you have to do according to my friend's Facebook post commenter "Just explore more n more. spend hours and you'll find better than this one" yes! I started practicing that and it worked. I urge you not to be in a haste in making what you intend to deliver to your readers.

To spice the whole thing more, this next step will not be overlooked so what is it?

3. Little Quantity Of Backlinks Will Help Here

Brian in his case study, said that whenever you finish writing any post, contact the people mentioned on the post telling them that you mentioned them in your post which is about to be published. Then on the same email, tell them they will love the post and you would want them to give their members such great post as they will also love to read it too. This has worked in so many occasions that is why Brian spoke of it so if it has worked for others why won't it work for you?

This is how your message should look like

Hello Patel! 

I have been a regular reader of your reputable blog post. I always find informations here unique so I have to commend you for the perfect work you have been doing.

I also own a website and I want to let you know that I have a good article still under processing which your readers will love to read. 

If you are interested in giving it to them, give me a reply and I will send the link to the post after publishing.


This kind of message will move the website owner into seeing your post as what he will use to improve his blog and so will give you instant response. Gaining backlinks through this means from a high DA website will help boost your Google's ranking and thus increase number of visitors to your site tremendously.

4. Master Google Analytics

A step into the mastering of the Google analytics will always help you know the keywords that are not making it in the search engine result pages and add spices to its contents. Spices like changing its meta Descriptions, Tittle and Related Keywords that performs well in the search engine. Google analytics is something every website owner should know about. A hidden truth about Google analytics will be published later so stick around. 


5. Check Google Search Console Always

This doesn't mean you should just login to your search console panel and stare at it. You should know where to go whenever you enter your panel at search console. So where will you enter? Search Analytics! the image below shows where to find search analytics in the Google console. Don't play with the datas displayed here because every Information there can constitute immediate boost of your Google visitors statistics in seconds or keep your website at it's initial position or even worse along the line. 

Search Analytics In Google Console
Search Analytics in Google Search Console

The power of search console can never be underated and it's the perfect alternative to Google analytics, although the later is more advanced than it is. Doing all these few simple things above will not only start delivering 300% of your former traffic but will also rank your site above your competitors site in Google's search result pages. Other new things you think needs to be added, you can use the comment box below.


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this is great very helpful
Am glad to help sir, Is there any controversial statement there that was hard to complement?

Drawing Google's traffic is not easy, but it can be done faster.

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