Download Moz SEO Free Premium Account Script

Get Free Moz SEO Premium Account Script. This script will enable you get a premium account with Moz inorder to use the features of the SEO tools to it's fullest. To implement this script, you will have to create an account with them and follow below steps.

Steps to implement Moz script

  1. Download the script below this post
  2. Using chrome, Download "ediththiscookie" it's a chrome extension
  3. Go to Moz website and login
  4. After logging in,  you will see the "ediththiscookie" extension icon at the icon bar of your browser.
  5. Click on that icon and choose edit image.
  6. Copy all the content of the Moz script downloaded and paste at the space provided in that "ediththiscookie editor"
  7. Save the script and enjoy your premium account.

Having done this, your road to SEO optimization is cleared since Moz is a high class SEO tool.  If this didn't work for you, go for Semrush free premium. To unzip the file, use


Free Moz SEO Premium
Download Free Moz SEO Premium Account Script

File size: 2.9 KB
Price: Free

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