Best Guide On Adding Free Browser Push Messages To Blogger Websites

PushEngage Browser Message
PushEngage Browser Message

Simple Steps On How To Add Free Browser Push Messages or Notifications To Your Blogger Websites. This is a fully verified and applied method which I used in implementing the Push Messages in my blog. According to Google Chrome's recent update, push messages are now allowed to display at any given time easily. Google's Chrome update initiated the move to my recent discovery on how to add Push Messages to Blogger blog so, I tell you solemnly that the information that you are about to see now is the updated and most current information on the process.

What IS This Browser Push Messages/Notifications?

Today, I will be discussing extensively about PushEngage a Push Message Service which is used in blogspot, WordPress, Drupal and all other website creation platforms not mentioned.

I believe you have been visiting so many websites on the web and have came across this feature in a website but still don't know what it is. Don't worry, it was not only you that it happened to. Am also a victim of that until I searched deeply and deviced a means of applying that.

Push Messages/Notifications on a browser are those small like advert messages that usually either comes from the top, or bottom of a website requesting for someone to accept to be sent Notifications of the Website activities. They usually take the form of "Accept" and "Decline". They are used in keeping in touch with a Website visitor by the website owner. Push Messages usually contains Notifications of new website post which is useful to you. Mobile phone applications use same messaging/notification method to send an update or what's new on the specific application world.

Unlike RSS feeds, Atoms etc, Push Messages arrange the notification someone gets while on a website in such a way that it will not constitute spamming to the visitors device. It sends at most 2 Notifications throughout your web surf on the website or sometimes none.

Now How Can This Push Messages Be Applied On Blogger Blog To Get More Subscribers To Your Service?

Firstly, you will need to create account at PushEngage website here. It's a free account and allows you to send unlimited Push Messages for upto 2,500 subscribers. At least, this is a reasonable number, although premium account subscription is available in affordable rate. The pricing can be seen at the official website.

PushEngage Installation
PushEngage Installation Settings

After filling the signup form and submited it, you will be directed to your dash board. Next is to configure the settings that will shown to you with your right Informations where necessary. The first thing you should do is to add you website name and your logo as this will serve as a branding agent, to personalise your Push Messages / Notifications that you will be sending to the subscribers. After adding that, update the settings before moving to the second settings that will follow. Edit all other settings to your taste and save after editing each. There is a JavaScript code which is also at that page, copy that code and go to your blogger theme editing field. Add the code at the last line of your Blogger theme and save your template.

PushEngage Stats
PushEngage Stats

This is the history of my Push Messages or Notifications Subscription immediately I finished customizing the environment. It shows a very clear result of how the push message service is going on my website.

That was the first step towards the configuration of your Push Messages. The second step to take is to go to the menu bar represented with a three lines at the left hand side of the website header and click on it. A long lists of menu items will unfold. Go down to "Get API Key" and select it. This is important because without it, your Push Messages will not go live as it will be that you have not activated the feature. After you have clicked on the link, a page will appear where you will have to scroll to the bottom and choose "Generate New Key". A new key will be generated immediately you click on the link and it shows you are done with that stage.

Won't you like to customize how the messages you will send to your subscribers will look? 

This will bring us to the full message that will be passed as the Push Messages/Notifications and one of them is the "Subscription Dialogue Box"

PushEngage Subscription Dialogue Box Settings
PushEngage Subscription Dialogue Box Settings

Subscription Dialogue Box Settings

The prompt your website visitors will see inorder to make a choice whether to Subscribe or not is configured here. The image below will give you a little knowledge on how the setup will look like. I used "Single Step Optin" to configure whitehatmove although "Safari Style Box" is also good.

PushEngage Welcome Notification
PushEngage Welcome Notification

Welcome Notification Settings

This is where you will set the notification message that the users that has subscribed to the Push Message will see after a successful Subscription. It has to be changed to reflect an appreciate and next steps to take. Use the image below as a reference while changing yours to help hasting the process. Sometimes it is customized in a way that it will refer the user to other parts of your blog, this also helps in a more engagement between visitor to website owner.

PushEngage GCM
PushEngage GCM

GCM Settings

This settings require that you will create a GCM account. Although editing the settings is very crucial, it doesn't affect the way your subscription messages are being pushed. This is enabled by secured http users mostly. To follow up the process, read this article as it will help and explain further all you need to know.


This where you can customize your messages from time to time. Be careful not to use Notifications to disturb your subscribers as it might result to the person seeking for how to stop the Notifications. By so doing, you stand the chance of loosing quite a number of your subscribers. The most relevant site on the form is the first options which describes a simple push notification message settings. After every successful Notifications pushed, try the effects with your own Subscription and see how it went.

More posts on Push notifications this will be shared in subsequent posts to throw more light on the use of the message service. If you finish applying the steps, let me know of your experiences and if you have any other Push Messages / Notification services I should discuss about, just comment to express your view.


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