7 SEO Mistakes I Refused To Make In 2017

These are the hardly known Mistakes even SEO experts use to make. It's now over in 2017 as I have prepared a complete list of the problems and solutions. Thanks to trial and error as it helped in completing some of the informations in this report, I have experienced all these and it constituted to the publishing of this post.

Yes! No one is above Mistake but knowing your Mistakes will help in solving it. SEO is a very delicate matter which you know and don't need to be overlooked. Below are the list of the 7 unknown fatal Mistakes which you will be surprised at.

SEO Mistakes in 2017
7 SEO Mistakes In 2017

1. Use Of "Updated" In Your Post

The word "Updated" is usually used whenever something is added to a post which was initially posted but has become outdated. That word is a very powerful word which its effect in SEO is not know until now and the effect is highly detrimental to the health of a post. 

I discovered this when a post which I published about SEMrush Free premium script and was having high number of views was updated and instead of adding those new features without including that mighty word "updated", I made the mistake and after some days, it didn't only affect its clicks but also the impressions dropped drastically too. So what do I had to do? I didn't remove the updated features of that post neither did I delete the post, but I removed that strange word "Updated" from the post and this returned the result from that post to normal. 

If you had made that mistakes like I did, you don't need to worry just go back to those posts and remove "Updated" and you will be glad you did.


2. Relaxing After Delivering A Good Content.

Forbe's Link Building Analysis
Forbe's Link Building Analysis

You have made an excellent content yes! we know but will your excellent post bring you to the first page of Google Unfortunately it's No. 

In as much as Google likes good contents, bots and crawlers deliver contents which they felt people loves and has been linked to by other websites too. Brian Dean in on of his analysis pointed out the need to follow up a post immediately it has been published as that will help improve the page authority (PA) of that post which inturn will boost the ranking of the post too. 

3. Not Thinking About SEO During Content Building

Alot of people don't know that after the work of creating and designing a website, there is still a greater one ahead which is the Optimization of every post made on that website. It has been a major challenge as many of us hire website designing experts who will just create a beautiful website and hand them over to us without directing us on how to keep it alive especially inorder to be seen in search results. 

The moment we realize the importance of on-page SEO, the better for our website's presence. Since On-page SEO is the first thing that tells search engine how great a post, there is need to correct the mistake early.


4. Linking Your Post Directly Where Your Domain Supposed To Be

This is directed mostly to commenting on a website which will later link back to your own website. It's not a normal way to use a post URL in place of domain root proper, by domain root I meant the homepage of your website.

I made this Mistake over and over again before understanding that using a post URL is associated to guest posting while gaining backlinks from comments is associated to domain homepage and this I have been interchanging.

5. Not Paying Attention To Promoting Of Posts

The power of social media's is very high in the converting of views to clicks. Promoting of posts help in acquiring of huge social shares and attentions which will never come if it hasn't gotten to a good number of people.

From Moz's analysis, 50% of websites analysed has 2 or less social interactions and 75% has not been linked to externally. This figures shows why the so called mighty websites are always ranked first.

Having a good promotion plan is highly important so as to boost Post's interactions and linking. Don't focus on social media only but try to get external links from high domain authority sites, infact this is greater than social media promotion if done correctly and is more considered by bots.

6. Paying To Gain Backlinks

Paying to get backlinks is very dangerous and most of the search engines especially Google penalize those who engage in such. So what does this portray? This shows that your post is not worth reading and that was why you wanted to manipulate bots and crawlers.

Mind you that if you own a Technology website and gains backlinks from a music website, those links will be treated as irrelevant when ranking web pages in search results and sometimes can result to websites extinction too.

Lastly and the worst,

7. Neglecting The Power of Using Organographs And Images

The power of images in post writing is well explained in my formal post where I pointed how image of post affects website ranking, it drew alot of attentions because, many have never thought that images have relevance in page ranking.

Take a look at how big websites present their facts and Informations, it will speak alot on the importance of using images on post. Try to get a good image creator and editor to enable you present a very nice article which will captivate the eye easily.


Avoiding these Mistakes listed above will help in faster search engine optimization. Also if you have been doing this too, today is still early to correct them and boost your website's presence rapidly. Which one have you done? Use the comment box below.


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