How To Get Immediate Website Ranking From Google Using Source Code Viewer

Website Ranking
Website Ranking From Google Using Source Code Viewer

The most important tool for ranking which no one has thought of is the website source code viewer. This is a tool which can take one unexpectedly into number one spot for a specific keyword searched on google. In viewing a website's source code, there are many things to keep in mind which will serve as the targets. Those things will be discussed in details in this article.


I didn't just woke up and devised this technique. It has been what I have been using for over five years, but the only difference is that I was not using it for search engine optimization all the while.

I discovered the usefulness of website source code when I was managing my wapsite back then in 2010 at wapka. Those periods, I can completely redesign someone's website just by viewing his source code.

Sometimes, it brings alot of problems because then, no one wanted to see his website's design elsewhere. This I did and always come out successfully, but today it's importance has grown wide.

Simple Processes To Follow And Index Your Website Using Website Source Code.

1. Find A Good Source Code Viewer

Most times, browsers have this feature embeded on them and to find the source code of any given website, all that is required is to

  • Go to the website
  • Right click at any position on the website
  • Scroll down to view source and click on it

Doing this, the full source code of the page will be displayed immediately. From this, one can get any information he needs by just scrolling to the position on the code that has the phrase he wanted.

Submit Express
Submit Express Source Code Viewer

However, some websites usually disable this right click feature by adding a line of JavaScript to the website code. This doesn't prevent one from completing his task because that feature is also made available online. One can easily visit submit express snooper for the source code of any site.

2. Find Best Websites Of Same Niche

Since you already know what you want to blog about, this will not be anyway difficult. All you will have to do is to search for one of the keyword related to the niche you want to venture into using any search engine.

Now, from the results that will be displayed, you will discover that the best websites were the ones that came first. Copy the name of the domain on the first spot and past it on the submit express source code viewer, solve the captcha and click on the view source code. The full source of the website will be displayed. 

For Example

Search Result
Search Result Of A Keyword

Let's say you want to go into Internet Niche and specifically about SEO, then you will need to search for "SEO Technique" which is a keyword in SEO. This will bring out websites that talks about SEO and from there, you can choose the best which you will copy.

It's now time to do the main job, just follow the third step below

3. Find The Website's Meta Description

Meta Description is the identity of a website. As the name implies, it's it what tells the search engine bots what the website is all about. This is a very important tool in SEO.

Copy the meta description as it is and paste on your own website html code, but this time don't save it.

Edit the description completely to show your website data leaving the importance parts which will help define your website.

Why do you have to copy this?

Since writing an SEO friendly meta description is hard, instead of writing what won't attract search crawlers, copy the one written by an expert of the same niche. This will not only help boost your ranking, it will also help you understand the importance of site description and how to use it.

Website Meta Data
Website Meta Data

4. Find And Add Meta Keywords

Just the way you did to the meta description, copy the keyword used to define the website's content and paste at the space for your Keyword in the html editor. 

This time, there will be no editing or instead of you removing a keyword from it, add to yours. This will ensure you don't miss any bonus going to that keyword in search engine results.

Here is an example!

If the keyword you copied look like this 


Don't use!

"SEO, www, vvv, hggd, Tek, tevh"

Although it's effect has not been verified but it's better you avoid it. If you look at the example closely, you will discover that the difference is the space.

5. Edit The H1 Tittle

Header1 Format
H1 Format

The importance of H1 tag can never be over emphasized, it's another most important determinant of ranking. To edit this tag, just locate the H1 tag of that website you are copying and using your sense, know how the H1 tag was written and placed.

This time, don't copy the person's H1 tag but copy the style. Then add your own tag exactly at same place he added his.

The only fatal mistake you should avoid here is copying the website's content verbatim. This will tell google crawlers that you don't have any new thing to give and might result to complete removal of your website from the search engine. If avoided, your website ranking will be done in seconds.


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But why do I need to submit my website to them?

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4 Secret Facebook Business Strategy Your competitor Has Upgraded To In 2017

Facebook Business Strategy
Facebook Business Strategy

I know you must have heard of many Business Strategies used on Facebook, but what you are now looking for is a unique one that converts with momentum and speed.

What if I tell you that no Marketing geek will disclose this to you?

Reading routine market strategies is an excellent idea, but have you asked yourself if those strategies has worked the way you wanted it to? This will draw you to seeking the great marketers secrets, this time their activities on Facebook.


The perfect thing here is that other marketers nolonger converts visitors to customers. This time there are no more visitors, all are customers. So how do I mean? Your competitors have diversified their plan and no longer comes back to the expired one you are still using.

The power of social media as a business platform is no longer a news. Every hour people are making millions on Facebook and the most funniest thing about it today is that, they no longer need to persuade you, they snatch your money away from you.

Below are the perfect business strategies you have been using on Facebook but didn't discover its strength.

1. Facebook Advertisements (Ads)

Understanding how Facebook ads work is the first step you will take in tapping into the new world of marketing. The way fiverr works is very nice but it's main problem is that it hides your gig from interested customers. This, marketers has discovered and sought for a better means to tackle it.

Permit me to say "Behind every successful marketer, there is always a Facebook ad". 

Remember that in setting facebook ads, you configure too many things which we believe you configured well. If there is any mistake in this, it will completely affect your result.

What has your competitors been doing with Facebook ads?

They have been tormenting people with that, giving them irresistible offers, firing them with tempting phrases. These are little of how they use their Facebook for their businesses.

Neil Patel explained more on the Facebook ads usage and it's importance. If he runs facebook ads, don't you think you are the only one left behind.

2. The Power of Profile Pictures

Facebook Profile Picture Settings
Facebook Profile Picture Settings

Sercan Cakir in his video tutorial about Facebook marketing explained the importance and how to set Facebook profile pictures and cover photo. As a marketer, Facebook profile picture is very important because, this is the picture your customers will be seeing that will convince them that they are really dealing with a human.

To do this right?

Always use your real picture as your Facebook profile image. Moreover, using that will not guarantee that your customers has known you well, that is why you have to avoid frequent changing of the image. This is a working method which I have experimented and also still using till today, you can access my Facebook profile to understand more.

Your cover photo is where your company's name and services you render can be seen. This will simply explain to your profile viewer that this man that has this profile picture is the owner or marketer of this services above. With that, one don't need to ask again before being convinced. This has been a very strong weapon other Facebook marketers are using too but most of the time seems unimportant to you while it meant alot.


3. Talking Out Of Business

Remember that business is business so by this, I meant that you don't need any side disturbances such as family life, relationship etc to cover your timeline on Facebook and by so doing, you restrict your timeline to only business related talks and informations. This doesn't only tell how serious you are about your business, it also motivates others into joining being part of it.

Doing this will not prevent you from chatting with friends on timeline but it will restrict the chat to be business wise and anything apart from that can be discussed outside Facebook.

The best and the last?

4. Poor Engagement

Yes! It is good to stay on your own no one is doubting that but doing business on Facebook warrant that one need to keep in touch with the prospective customers. If you understand well how Facebook works, you will know that if there is no communication between two friends they will seize to seeing each other's post and by this, relationship is lost.

What am I insinuating?

Commenting on someone's timeline is very important for Facebook marketing. This has to be positive because studies has shown that positive comments tend to bring people closer while harsh comments disperses People.

If you have done these few things above, just be rest assured of a rapid boom in your online business. You can also download Facebook email lists to use in sending bulk emails to multitude of people people too.


How Yandex Webmaster Increases Visits By 500% In Minutes

Yandex Webmaster
How Yandex Webmaster Increases Visits

With the high quest to gain huge number of visitors to one's site, there is still the part that is always being neglected and treated as irrelevant due to the fact that every attention has been directed to one search engine due to its popularity leaving the rest without taking advantage of them. Yandex Webmaster is being given less attention nowadays without realizing that Yandex is the number one search engine in Russia. This mistake has contributed lots of damages in our website's popularity and clicks.


Yandex is as popular as Google if am not exaggerating and there is need to tap from its world of search result pages since it serves billions of it's users the same way Google does.

So how special is Yandex?

Yandex search engine has a different algorithm which they use in Ranking of a website ahead of the other in search results. It's algorithm is not as strict as Google's and also favours rich content page too. Yandex Webmaster Tool just like Google's console is a platform that gives website owners the opportunity to present their websites inorder to be listed among other websites whenever a keyword is searched for.

You might be wondering how I came to know about the effect of this Yandex Webmaster's result right?

Unfortunately, due to the less surprise expected from this search engine, I wasn't able to get the image of clicks from this search engine earlier when it was serving only 2-3 clicks but now the need for that has arrived. Don't worry I still have the recent proves which showed how Yandex increased my website's visit upto 500%. This proves include the former day page views and today's page views and also the country that has the highest number of visits to my website too. With this analysis, you will discover the immediate effect of my page views directly from Yandex search and how you can do that too without wasting time so as to be ahead of your competitors and if you monetize your website, it will deliver quite an unexpected boost to pays.

Below is the daily page views for the previous and present day

Pageviews Comparison
Pageviews Accumulated By Yandex

Wait! here is the catch

The effect of this Yandex Webmaster services didn't only boost my page views, it earned quite a new number or backlinks too. From Analysis also, it was discovered that the search engine that serves contents to DuckDuckGo is not bing neither is it Google but Yandex and what did this suggest? It surely suggests that having your website indexed in Yandex search engine will not only send visitors to your website from Yandex but also from DuckDuckGo

To Start using this Yandex Webmaster Tool?

Just head over to Yandex Webmaster page and create account with the search engine. Then you will be given a console where you can add sitemaps, sites etc which are relevant in configuring your website. There are quite lots of other features which includes mobile Optimization tester, robot.txt testers and so on. It's features are not hard to configure and it doesn't take alot of time to start seeing your website in the Yandex search too.

Last bonus?

Russia Pageviews From Yandex
Russia Visits Stats From 2 - 918

I chose to show you the country that served more in clicks on my website as regards to the analysis above. From the result, you will discover that Russia has higher number of clicks and this happened just within hours after complete indexing of my web pages in Yandex search engine. The webmaster tool has served me right and this I achieved after setting up the console perfectly. 

Yandex Webmaster Tool is not the only tool you will submit your site to after Google console but Bing and many others are also out for your website's better presence in search. So ask yourself now if you are not the one holding your site's ranking after reading this post and didn't put it to work immediately, as it's normally said that procastination kills and delay is very dangerous.


How Good Keyword Research Boosts Adsense Earning

Keyword Research In Adsense Ad
Keyword Research In Adsense Ads

It's no longer a new news that before writing a post, there must be thorough Keyword Research. So many SEO experts have also said alot on how to carryout keyword searches inorder to understand your customers better. But the main issue here is nolonger how to find a good keyword for your page to rank higher in search engine result pages but how the good keyword you found boosts or converts visitors into customers using Google Adsense.

To understand more on how to search for a Profiting keyword in your niche why not consult Moz keyword research page so as to have more insight on how your customers behaves on search engines. Brian Dean has also prepared a more comprehensive article on how to do keyword research for SEO.

Well, all these has been said but what's missing?

Several times, Google Adsense owners complain of a poor or a non increasing earning which the cause is still unknown to them. They keep on writing to Google to get things fixed but it seems Google is paying deaf ear to their plea and complaints. Maybe they are and maybe they aren't.

Where have you done it wrong?

I know you must have been searching and using keywords in all your posts but have you taken time to understand how those keywords affects your Adsense earning? I guess it's a NO. If thats the case, I believe you have not made use of the Google Keyword Planner Or other Keyword Researching tools from the best SEO tools websites.

What if you have made use of the keyword planner but doesn't really understood how it indirectly affects Google Adsense?

From this juncture, I will like to teach you how your keyword affects Adsense earning. 

Remember that the world we are is the world of businesses, and a single person can't carry-out all the task required by billions of people at once. So how will he do it? Fine, he will employ the services of other people inorder to peform efficiently. 

Has Google done this with us, why not find out below?

Google is a trusted business enterprise that has millions of advertisers on its platform. They serve as the trustee whom the advertisers trust to deliver good services which they require. But since google is trusted and won't like to disappoint it's customers, they employ you through the Adsense program.

What will Google gain since they are paying me?

Remember the aim of every business man is to make profit and it's only a greedy business owner that fall because of not being highly calculative on the quality of profit he makes once. Google in this sense is not greedy and will like to partner with any website owner they think their adverts will do well in their website.

So how is this money shared?

According to Adsense, for every advert viewed or clicked, 68% of the advertisement money goes to the advertiser (here you that placed the code on your website) while 32% goes back to them as the initiator. This is an agreed deal which you have to understand before embarking on the Adsense program.

But there's a catch

Have you ever asked yourself why the Google's keyword planner is located at the Google Ad words account?

Here is it

Ad words is the advertisement program Google initiated where it's customers place adverts and customize how it will be charged. By so doing, for each keyword Google advertiser wants to advertise for, he places a certain amount of money on the advert according to its relevance to him. Now, you as a keyword Researcher gets to those keywords that a large amount of money was placed on and try to utilize it's conversion rate.

How will you do that?

Since Google shows advertisements on your website according to the content you have, remember if you also use that keyword from keyword planner that has large amount of money attached to it on your website Google will start showing ads based on that keyword too. If that's the case, you have the opportunity of earning 68% of that amount while Google earns 32%.

The clear picture of this?

This is the smart way to look at it

You use keyword planner to find keyword that has high amount of money placed on it, then you copy the keyword and use it as your post keyword. After a while, Google detects the keyword's presence on your website and starts showing ads related to that Keyword which has high amount of money placed on it. Then, your visitors view/clicks on the ads, you will earn 68% of that revenue while Google earns 32% too.

Here is an example

If I put SEO in the Google's keyword planner to get idea of the related keywords this is what I will get

 Keyword Planner SEO Result
Keyword Planner SEO Result

From the bid suggested column, you will discover that the Keyword SEO has a suggested bid of $3.97 so what is this sending to your brain?

This simply means that 68% of $3.97 is up for grab and it only will take that you publish a post which has SEO as it's keyword on your website and then leave Google bots and crawlers the rest of the work to finish it.

What if you choose wrongly?

"Choose wrongly" in this sense means choosing keywords that has alot of competitors and can result to your post not being able to receive enough visitors which will trigger Google crawlers and make them approve the ads with the keyword SEO on your website. So, if you choose wrongly, you will stand the chance of not qualifying for the advert which you are looking for.

You may be wondering

How then will I get the right one for my topic?

Keyword Research With Low Competition
Keyword Research With Low Competition

You will see from the image above that there are lots of other suggestions that has low competition and sometimes lower Keyword search too but it should not be your problem. Your problem should be to get a promising keyword which has low competition and also targets your unique customers. By doing so, you will have a higher chance of getting Google's ads displayed on your website relating to that keyword.

Having understood how to carryout effective Keyword Research, you will start converting that your decreasing Adsense account to a rocket like increase and you will be glad you read this article. If for any reason you won't start converting a huge amount into your Adsense account today using Google keyword planner, just bookmark this page for it will be of great help at the long run.