How Good Keyword Research Boosts Adsense Earning

Keyword Research In Adsense Ad
Keyword Research In Adsense Ads

It's no longer a new news that before writing a post, there must be thorough Keyword Research. So many SEO experts have also said alot on how to carryout keyword searches inorder to understand your customers better. But the main issue here is nolonger how to find a good keyword for your page to rank higher in search engine result pages but how the good keyword you found boosts or converts visitors into customers using Google Adsense.

To understand more on how to search for a Profiting keyword in your niche why not consult Moz keyword research page so as to have more insight on how your customers behaves on search engines. Brian Dean has also prepared a more comprehensive article on how to do keyword research for SEO.

Well, all these has been said but what's missing?

Several times, Google Adsense owners complain of a poor or a non increasing earning which the cause is still unknown to them. They keep on writing to Google to get things fixed but it seems Google is paying deaf ear to their plea and complaints. Maybe they are and maybe they aren't.

Where have you done it wrong?

I know you must have been searching and using keywords in all your posts but have you taken time to understand how those keywords affects your Adsense earning? I guess it's a NO. If thats the case, I believe you have not made use of the Google Keyword Planner Or other Keyword Researching tools from the best SEO tools websites.

What if you have made use of the keyword planner but doesn't really understood how it indirectly affects Google Adsense?

From this juncture, I will like to teach you how your keyword affects Adsense earning. 

Remember that the world we are is the world of businesses, and a single person can't carry-out all the task required by billions of people at once. So how will he do it? Fine, he will employ the services of other people inorder to peform efficiently. 

Has Google done this with us, why not find out below?

Google is a trusted business enterprise that has millions of advertisers on its platform. They serve as the trustee whom the advertisers trust to deliver good services which they require. But since google is trusted and won't like to disappoint it's customers, they employ you through the Adsense program.

What will Google gain since they are paying me?

Remember the aim of every business man is to make profit and it's only a greedy business owner that fall because of not being highly calculative on the quality of profit he makes once. Google in this sense is not greedy and will like to partner with any website owner they think their adverts will do well in their website.

So how is this money shared?

According to Adsense, for every advert viewed or clicked, 68% of the advertisement money goes to the advertiser (here you that placed the code on your website) while 32% goes back to them as the initiator. This is an agreed deal which you have to understand before embarking on the Adsense program.

But there's a catch

Have you ever asked yourself why the Google's keyword planner is located at the Google Ad words account?

Here is it

Ad words is the advertisement program Google initiated where it's customers place adverts and customize how it will be charged. By so doing, for each keyword Google advertiser wants to advertise for, he places a certain amount of money on the advert according to its relevance to him. Now, you as a keyword Researcher gets to those keywords that a large amount of money was placed on and try to utilize it's conversion rate.

How will you do that?

Since Google shows advertisements on your website according to the content you have, remember if you also use that keyword from keyword planner that has large amount of money attached to it on your website Google will start showing ads based on that keyword too. If that's the case, you have the opportunity of earning 68% of that amount while Google earns 32%.

The clear picture of this?

This is the smart way to look at it

You use keyword planner to find keyword that has high amount of money placed on it, then you copy the keyword and use it as your post keyword. After a while, Google detects the keyword's presence on your website and starts showing ads related to that Keyword which has high amount of money placed on it. Then, your visitors view/clicks on the ads, you will earn 68% of that revenue while Google earns 32% too.

Here is an example

If I put SEO in the Google's keyword planner to get idea of the related keywords this is what I will get

 Keyword Planner SEO Result
Keyword Planner SEO Result

From the bid suggested column, you will discover that the Keyword SEO has a suggested bid of $3.97 so what is this sending to your brain?

This simply means that 68% of $3.97 is up for grab and it only will take that you publish a post which has SEO as it's keyword on your website and then leave Google bots and crawlers the rest of the work to finish it.

What if you choose wrongly?

"Choose wrongly" in this sense means choosing keywords that has alot of competitors and can result to your post not being able to receive enough visitors which will trigger Google crawlers and make them approve the ads with the keyword SEO on your website. So, if you choose wrongly, you will stand the chance of not qualifying for the advert which you are looking for.

You may be wondering

How then will I get the right one for my topic?

Keyword Research With Low Competition
Keyword Research With Low Competition

You will see from the image above that there are lots of other suggestions that has low competition and sometimes lower Keyword search too but it should not be your problem. Your problem should be to get a promising keyword which has low competition and also targets your unique customers. By doing so, you will have a higher chance of getting Google's ads displayed on your website relating to that keyword.

Having understood how to carryout effective Keyword Research, you will start converting that your decreasing Adsense account to a rocket like increase and you will be glad you read this article. If for any reason you won't start converting a huge amount into your Adsense account today using Google keyword planner, just bookmark this page for it will be of great help at the long run.

7 Untreated Yet Fatal SEO Mistakes You Make In 2017

These are the hardly known Mistakes even SEO experts use to make. It's now over in 2017 as I have prepared a complete list of the problems and solutions. Thanks to trial and error as it helped in completing some of the informations in this report, I have experienced all these and it constituted to the publishing of this post.

Yes! No one is above Mistake but knowing your Mistakes will help in solving it. SEO is a very delicate matter which you know and don't need to be overlooked. Below are the list of the 7 unknown fatal Mistakes which you will be surprised at.

SEO Mistakes in 2017
7 SEO Mistakes In 2017

1. Use Of "Updated" In Your Post

The word "Updated" is usually used whenever something is added to a post which was initially posted but has become outdated. That word is a very powerful word which its effect in SEO is not know until now and the effect is highly detrimental to the health of a post. 

I discovered this when a post which I published about SEMrush Free premium script and was having high number of views was updated and instead of adding those new features without including that mighty word "updated", I made the mistake and after some days, it didn't only affect its clicks but also the impressions dropped drastically too. So what do I had to do? I didn't remove the updated features of that post neither did I delete the post, but I removed that strange word "Updated" from the post and this returned the result from that post to normal. 

If you had made that mistakes like I did, you don't need to worry just go back to those posts and remove "Updated" and you will be glad you did.


2. Relaxing After Delivering A Good Content.

Forbe's Link Building Analysis
Forbe's Link Building Analysis

You have made an excellent content yes! we know but will your excellent post bring you to the first page of Google Unfortunately it's No. 

In as much as Google likes good contents, bots and crawlers deliver contents which they felt people loves and has been linked to by other websites too. Brian Dean in on of his analysis pointed out the need to follow up a post immediately it has been published as that will help improve the page authority (PA) of that post which inturn will boost the ranking of the post too. 

3. Not Thinking About SEO During Content Building

Alot of people don't know that after the work of creating and designing a website, there is still a greater one ahead which is the Optimization of every post made on that website. It has been a major challenge as many of us hire website designing experts who will just create a beautiful website and hand them over to us without directing us on how to keep it alive especially inorder to be seen in search results. 

The moment we realize the importance of on-page SEO, the better for our website's presence. Since On-page SEO is the first thing that tells search engine how great a post, there is need to correct the mistake early.


4. Linking Your Post Directly Where Your Domain Supposed To Be

This is directed mostly to commenting on a website which will later link back to your own website. It's not a normal way to use a post URL in place of domain root proper, by domain root I meant the homepage of your website.

I made this Mistake over and over again before understanding that using a post URL is associated to guest posting while gaining backlinks from comments is associated to domain homepage and this I have been interchanging.

5. Not Paying Attention To Promoting Of Posts

The power of social media's is very high in the converting of views to clicks. Promoting of posts help in acquiring of huge social shares and attentions which will never come if it hasn't gotten to a good number of people.

From Moz's analysis, 50% of websites analysed has 2 or less social interactions and 75% has not been linked to externally. This figures shows why the so called mighty websites are always ranked first.

Having a good promotion plan is highly important so as to boost Post's interactions and linking. Don't focus on social media only but try to get external links from high domain authority sites, infact this is greater than social media promotion if done correctly and is more considered by bots.

6. Paying To Gain Backlinks

Paying to get backlinks is very dangerous and most of the search engines especially Google penalize those who engage in such. So what does this portray? This shows that your post is not worth reading and that was why you wanted to manipulate bots and crawlers.

Mind you that if you own a Technology website and gains backlinks from a music website, those links will be treated as irrelevant when ranking web pages in search results and sometimes can result to websites extinction too.

Lastly and the worst,

7. Neglecting The Power of Using Organographs And Images

The power of images in post writing is well explained in my formal post where I pointed how image of post affects website ranking, it drew alot of attentions because, many have never thought that images have relevance in page ranking.

Take a look at how big websites present their facts and Informations, it will speak alot on the importance of using images on post. Try to get a good image creator and editor to enable you present a very nice article which will captivate the eye easily.


Avoiding these Mistakes listed above will help in faster search engine optimization. Also if you have been doing this too, today is still early to correct them and boost your website's presence rapidly. Which one have you done? Use the comment box below.


How Image of Posts Affects Website Ranking In Search Engines

Image Posts Relevance In Ranking
Thumbnails Important In Google Ranking

It's hard for many people to comprehend how Post Image constitute to their website ranking in search result pages and this has resulted to their website's extinction in search results. Image posts has alot to contribute to rapid indexing and ranking of a website page and this is only applicable to unique post images.

The idea of using images on posts is the best thing that can happen to one's success online. Take a look at all the posts I have on this website you will discover they have high quality images. Understanding that Images speaks alot more than mere words, you will never skip that part while making a post. Being in a haste while making a post is not a welcomed idea and it spoil too many things which are supposed to be made right. Every post has the right to take upto 48 hours or more of one's time and that should be kept in consideration while thinking of making a post.

There are many things that are required to add to images to make them unique, they include; image alt, image title or image caption etc. It may interest you to know that Google's algorithm has a high interest on images and this was because of massive image search statistics captured early. If that is the case, do you still need any other prove to know that your post images is as important as the post texts on your ranking in search engines? Ofcourse No but the problem is in the use of the images on your post.


Have you been making these mistakes while adding images?

1. Adding Downloaded Images To Post

This is a serious mistake made mostly by newby website owners and they keep asking of the problem with their posts images all the time. Don't worry, I have been in your shoes before. No website was able to point this out until after my deep thoughts, I later discovered the main cause of my predicament. 

So what is that I have been doing?

I used to download specific images from Google related to the topic am writing on so as to add it to my post but never thought of editing and personalization. If you want to discover the implication of this, try doing same and you will find out that whenever your post is shared, the image will be replaced by another or most times left blank showing that the image has been used by another website. If you don't understand search engines well, you will continue making same mistakes over and over again. Images downloaded from search engines should be edited and beautified inorder to tell search engines you are the owner of the image. Having understood what to do to images and how to make them unique, here comes the second mistake you make.

Do you fail to consider the next as highly important?

2. Adding Image Captions And Alternative texts

Bots and crawlers don't understand Pictures and images by mere hovering over it. What they do inorder to understand images is that they look at the title of the image and the alternative text of that image and understand what the image is all about. Alternative text added to image don't just help search engines understand that image, it also help the post rank higher for a specific keyword in the alt text. 

How to add alt text to images?

In blogger for example after adding images to your post, you need to add a universal alternative text code at the end of the image code. This is the code you need to add

alt="your image text with your keyword added"

This should be added before the last closing slash /> in the html code of the image and should contain a short description of the specific image inorder to feature whenever the keyword is searched on Google. 

The mistake you should not do while adding this? 

Don't sniff keyword to non related image alt tags so as not to incurre the anger of bots and crawlers on your website.

Image titles are also important but not as important as the alternative tags.

I will never tell you not to add image titles and this is because it serves as a strong hold on which the alternative texts rests on. Take a look at my images, you will discover that I don't take the risk of not adding the captions because I usually ask myself this question, "what if Google wakeup one day and place the image description ahead of the alternative tags and what will be the faith of my posts?". The importance or thinking ahead of google's feature algorithm can never be over emphasized so instead of falling a victim someday, why not make hay while the sun shines.

The last?

3. Using High Image Size

Since Google loves websites that loads fast, it's also important to always reduce the size of images uploaded in a post. By so doing, the page will load fast and make it easy for searchers to get to their results without hitting the back botton. If that should be the case, why not reduce the image of post inorder to shoot yourself to the first page of Google.

Having corrected all these mistakes, your post ranking will be 100% at speed and very sure. Image Posts have been discovered relevant after following all the above, so start now in correcting your mistakes if you haven't done so. Remember your openion and corrections are always welcomed.


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Google Traffic Drawn In Mass To Your Website Easily And Free

Google Website Traffic Delivery
Website's Google Traffic Boost

Getting Traffic to your website through Google became more easy by following simple steps and instructions. After you have indexed your website in Google the next thing to expect is huge traffic from the search engine. Most times it's not coming and we keep wondering where we have gotten it wrong, but all those answers are left unanswered and keep hoping things favour's us someday.

Permit me to tell you sincerely that that traffic you are waiting for after indexing your website in Google will never just come if it didn't start coming that period it was indexed. There is no magic to it, what it will keep doing is escaping into extinction from Google search which you don't want to see. You didn't get it right? Yes! What I meant is that things never gets better when dealing with bots and crawlers if efforts were not put in place, rather it continues getting worst.

Have I told you before that I turned internet spider since Google thinks they will use bots and crawlers to intimidate me, only because I was seeking for this same solution. I can now read upto 10,000 words pages which I never did when I was feeling everything was normal after indexing my site in Google. 

So how did I discovered the solution? 

I continued my unending research putting all the things I learnt into work until gradually result started showing. Yes I suffered before getting it right that's why you will not suffer again like me. But is continuous search suffering? This where your view is needed because it later turned to hubby to me.

Not wasting your time, these are what to do to get it right

1. Search Extensively On How To Increase Your Website's Statistics

You will be thinking I will tell you to sleep that I have carried the cross for you just like Jesus did right? Yes! I have carried the cross for you on this topic but not generally. Seeing this topic will reduce your searching stress but will not encourage you not to conduct everyday search. 

Why is search important? 

You should know that new things comes out every minute and inorder not to be left behind, you have to find that information and utilize it. Increasing Google Traffic is enhanced by searching. Like they normally say, no knowledge is a waste so applying a new procedure to your website won't only change too many things, it will also makes you prepare for future outcomes. If you find any new thing from your search, don't be in a haste to apply it. Verify it well because most of the mistakes we make is not really that we don't try implementing new things but, we don't verify if it's original and helpful to you.

During your search, any website you come across that has useful Informations like Whitehatmove, subscribe to its content delivery. It won't kill you, all it will do is to give you immediate solutions to your problems delivered right into your email so that you won't miss any important update.

You just read the salt in this topic, so let's move to the food proper

2. Extensive Keyword Research

When I discovered the relevance of this, was after viewing a friend's news feed on Facebook where he showed a massive traffic driving keyword he is about dealing on. This resulted to a keyword competition research which one of the results kept me dumb founded. I was that surprised not because I don't know the relevance of researching for keyword before making a post but because I don't apportion much time to it. 

Keyword Researching
Thorough Keyword Researching

What can keyword research do for you?

  • It will give you more insight on the topic you want to treat or write on. 
  • A keyword well researched will start instantly delivering traffic to you website from Google search. 
  • A well researched keyword will help rank your website ahead of others in search engine because you will see the possibility of ranking high or low from the tools you will use.
  • Choosing the right keywords will help you understand the way searchers think and what they want.
During thorough keyword research, you should not use one tool for that. Google Keyword Planner, Moz keyword explorerAhrefs keyword researcher and many others will do that perfectly for you all you have to do according to my friend's Facebook post commenter "Just explore more n more. spend hours and you'll find better than this one" yes! I started practicing that and it worked. I urge you not to be in a haste in making what you intend to deliver to your readers.

To spice the whole thing more, this next step will not be overlooked so what is it?

3. Little Quantity Of Backlinks Will Help Here

Brian in his case study, said that whenever you finish writing any post, contact the people mentioned on the post telling them that you mentioned them in your post which is about to be published. Then on the same email, tell them they will love the post and you would want them to give their members such great post as they will also love to read it too. This has worked in so many occasions that is why Brian spoke of it so if it has worked for others why won't it work for you?

This is how your message should look like

Hello Patel! 

I have been a regular reader of your reputable blog post. I always find informations here unique so I have to commend you for the perfect work you have been doing.

I also own a website and I want to let you know that I have a good article still under processing which your readers will love to read. 

If you are interested in giving it to them, give me a reply and I will send the link to the post after publishing.


This kind of message will move the website owner into seeing your post as what he will use to improve his blog and so will give you instant response. Gaining backlinks through this means from a high DA website will help boost your Google's ranking and thus increase number of visitors to your site tremendously.

4. Master Google Analytics

A step into the mastering of the Google analytics will always help you know the keywords that are not making it in the search engine result pages and add spices to its contents. Spices like changing its meta Descriptions, Tittle and Related Keywords that performs well in the search engine. Google analytics is something every website owner should know about. A hidden truth about Google analytics will be published later so stick around. 


5. Check Google Search Console Always

This doesn't mean you should just login to your search console panel and stare at it. You should know where to go whenever you enter your panel at search console. So where will you enter? Search Analytics! the image below shows where to find search analytics in the Google console. Don't play with the datas displayed here because every Information there can constitute immediate boost of your Google visitors statistics in seconds or keep your website at it's initial position or even worse along the line. 

Search Analytics In Google Console
Search Analytics in Google Search Console

The power of search console can never be underated and it's the perfect alternative to Google analytics, although the later is more advanced than it is. Doing all these few simple things above will not only start delivering 300% of your former traffic but will also rank your site above your competitors site in Google's search result pages. Other new things you think needs to be added, you can use the comment box below.